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Carl Weathers AKA Greef Karga Of The Mandalorian Had Difficulty Acting

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When Disney’s Star Wars spin-off show The Mandalorian came out, it started with a bang. Here we saw a minimalistic idea of a galaxy far far away starring Pedro Pascal as the bounty hunter, Din Djarin. The show introduced to us several new faces and brought up a couple of veteran stars as well. Among these top actors was Carl Weathers, who played as Greef Karga, the head of the bounty hunter’s guild. Turns out, the show had an effect on Weathers in such a way he did not experience before. As a result, the actor admits that he found it difficult to do his role. In his defense, we all know that the veteran pulled through at the end and that one could never figure out that he was finding his role physically challenging.

What Was Carl Weathers Difficulty?

Din Djarin’s friend and the guy who would offer him hunts, Greef Karga played an important role in the debut season of the Star Wars show. Carl Weathers appeared on Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian, a docuseries on the BTS of the first season, to talk openly about his role. Here is what he said:

“I found it, really a challenge. When you’re across from somebody they’re throwing all kinds of body language at you. And these two things here you can be saying one thing, but these two things tell me something completely different. And what am I responding to? I’m responding to what you’re throwing.”

Carl Weathers was talking about a person’s eyes. His way of judging the situation of one-on-one scenes with The Mandalorian center would have been easier if he could see Pascal’s face. You see, Mando’s role wanted Pascal to sound cold and emotionless, which would have meant no trouble for Weathers in normal cases. However, with a helmet on at all times, things became incredibly challenging. The veteran celebrity continued to explain this as well:

“And in that helmet, it is flat. There is nothing. I have to listen so acutely to the voice and hope that that voice is going to cue me to what this person, not just the words, but what they’re really saying.”

In the end, veterans are the best in their game, and Weathers certainly showcased that.

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