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How James Gandolfini Helped Jamie-Lynn Sigler In The Sopranos

The actress goes to Talking Sopranos and explains her time on the show.

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We’re in love with the Talking Sopranos podcast! It’s giving us more insights into the show that we all love. This episode, Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa brought on a special guest. And it was none other than the favorite daughter of New Jersey’s mob boss, Meadow Soprano aka Jamie-Lynn Sigler. And she told us a lot about her life on The Sopranos, especially how James Gandolfini helped her become a better actor!

How James Gandolfini helped become a better actress

After working on The Sopranos for years, there’s no doubt that the cast members became more like a family. Everyone helped each other out and looked after one another. Moreover, James Gandolfini was famous for how he helped everyone on set. And Jamie-Lynn was no different. On the Talking Sopranos, she recalls that she was someone who was difficult to get close to. However, Gandolfini always saw through that and she confided in him a lot. She knew she could count on her, including in the 4th and 5th season, when she was going through her divorce and the disease MS.
However, Jamie-Lynn Sigler’s relationship with Gandolfini can easily be summed up with this moment they shared while filming Episode 5 “The College”. It was the dinner scene, where Tony Soprano opens up to Meadow about how he didn’t have a choice in choosing the mob life. Jamie-Lynn said:
You could feel that I was wanting so badly to do a good job, and he said Jamie, just look in my eyes and trust me. Just talk to me. And he just gave me such great lessons during that whole episode of being an actress.
Moreover, Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Michael Imperioli recall how Gandolfini used to give his co-stars the chance to take multiple takes. That way, they can give more to the scene. Almost every cast member says he taught them how to become a better actor. Steven Van Zandt, who played Silvio Dante, said:
You know, just being in a scene with him, you know and I’ve said this many times, you walked away a better actor
However, as much as Jamie-Lynn Sigler would have liked it, she didn’t just talk about Jimmy. She also mentioned about her true passion – broadway.

Broadway was Jamie-Lynn Sigler’s real passion

Jamie-Lynn Sigler further talks about how instead of movies and TV shows, her real passion was theatre and Broadway. Sigler said:

Theatre, that’s like home to me. Like, I don’t even think about how many people are out there. That’s my favorite thing to do.

And she especially loved musical theatre. She felt like acting came naturally to her when she was singing, just like the time when Meadow Soprano sang for the choir. On the other hand, films and movies are a lot more intimate for her, where she gets nervous. However, due to her MS and the physical limitations that come with it, it’s difficult to pursue a career in broadway for Jamie-Lynn. Regardless, she is still trying her best and in continuous physical therapy to make this dream come true for her. We wish Jamie-Lynn Sigler all the best for her endeavors!

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