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Westworld’s Vincent Cassel Called Marvel And DC Movies ‘For Kids’

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Better hold your horses because we predict a storm coming. Westworld’s season 3 star Vincent Cassel thinks that Marvel and DC movies are “for kids” and this may very well spark a huge debate among the fanbases. We previously heard similar comments from one of Hollywood’s finest Martin Scorsese who compared Marvel movies to a theme park. Perhaps taking the director’s opinions forward, Cassel also said that he would not watch them either.

Westworld’s Vincent Cassel Wouldn’t Watch Superhero Movies

Westworld’s Vincent Cassel was speaking to Inverse where he expressed his views that will definitely trigger Marvel and DC fans. When the interviewer asked him if he would ever consider a role in two of the biggest production house movies, he straight up told them that he is actively avoiding it. Why? Have a look below:

“Honestly, these are not movie movies I watch anymore. The few approaches that I had, I felt like it would have been a long time commitment for something that I wouldn’t even watch to the end.”

Cassel continued telling that at first things looked interesting for him. When special effects arrived, which made Spiderman and Iron Man look real, he was really interested. However, the hype eventually faded for him, and “it became normal”. The Westworld antagonist continued:

“I was a big fan of the comics at the time when I was a kid. Nowadays, I think these are movies for kids, really. And even though I still have a part of me who’s a kid, I would say no. I wouldn’t watch it.”

Vincent Cassel thinks that if Marvel/DC brings along a  great villain who is “done with by somebody who’s really intelligent and talented enough to give it a twist so it doesn’t look like a movie for kids, then maybe” he would watch it. Maybe, he said.

As for Westworld Season 4, the new season will be back next Spring.

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