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Hugh Jackman Turned Down Kevin Feige For Wolverine Role

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It was perhaps after Dark Phoenix when fans and the creators realized that no longer can Fox be given the charge to lead any X-Men movies. The franchise has found new leadership in the form of Marvel and Kevin Feige, giving new hope to everyone. As honest as one can be, Fox’s handling of the franchise that could hold so much potential was marked with inconsistency, poor remakes, and sequels. It was only a matter of time before their well of creativity would run dry and new leaders would be called. Now that the characters have come into MCU’s care, things look hopeful with even Hugh Jackman and his role as Wolverine under discussion. That is, it was under talks until it was not!

What Did Hugh Jackman Say About Wolverine?

Since Marvel’s takeover, there were speculations that the role of Wolverine would come back to life, which also can also mean Hugh Jackman. The Australian star even claimed that he would have been ready for this role, had it been available a few years earlier. Unfortunately, with Logan’s ending, Jackman’s Adamantium-infused mutant was laid to rest, just like his contract with the franchise. And, there seems to be no going back now either.

Maybe that’s why, as WeGotThisCovered tells, when Kevin Feige extended his offer to Hugh Jackman, he declined it. Their sources accurately predicted Percy Jackson’s show in the works and also a Captain Pike Star Trek spinoff. Now, the same sources claim that the 51-year-old actor is no longer interested in playing as Wolverine. However, he might be available for smaller roles. Perhaps a small cameo or an alternate Wolverine from a Multiverse could spark his interest.

Maybe it is better this way since we have imagined and created Wolverine’s image in the form of Hugh Jackman. The actor’s involvement with the role extends over 20 years, ending with a Logan movie. Perhaps this is the right time to begin anew? Maybe this rumor is just a rumor and that is it?

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