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Cate Blanchett Almost Had A Second Secret Role In Lord Of The Rings

Because Galadriel wasn't enough?

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Even after 2 decades, we cannot get enough of Lord of the Rings, and neither can Cate Blanchett. Fans of the trilogy loved her role as Galadriel, especially the women. However, the actress has revealed that she also pitched for a second secret role in the series to Peter Jackson! Here’s what she has to say.

Cate Blanchett loved Lord of the Rings, a little too much…

Cate Blanchett Almost Had A Second Secret Role In Lord Of The Rings

In an interview with Marc Maron on his WTF Podcast, Cate Blanchett opened up about her time working with Peter Jackson. She revealed that she loved working on Lord of the Rings so much that she pitched the idea of a secret cameo role to Jackson. In it, she wanted to transform into a male dwarf, which would keep her on the show for long. Blanchett said:

There’s not too many chicks in the Tolkien universe. I loved it so much and I did say to Peter and Fran, they were doing a banquet scene with a whole lot of dwarves. I always wanted to play the bearded lady, so I asked them, ‘Could I be your hairy wife woman when you pan across the banquet table of dwarves?’ Of course I couldn’t because the timing shifted. But it takes them forever. For me, Galadriel it was just three weeks.

Cate Blanchett’s most sizable role in the Lord of the Rings was in Fellowship of the Ring (2001). However, she holds the unique record in appearing in every single one of Peter Jackson’s films. That includes the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Hobbit trilogy.

If things had just gone right, we might have gotten to see more of Cate Blanchett, but fate had something else planned. However, she did make other secret cameos in films, for example in Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut. She voiced the Mysterious Woman during the orgy scene, but it went uncredited. Regardless, it would have been a treat to see more of Blanchett on Lord of the Rings. But, we are very happy with her role as Galadriel.

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