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Alyssa Milano Claims Trump Is Using COVID-19 To Suppress Voter Turn-out

The actress-turned-activist expressed her opinion in a CNN Op-Ed.

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Alyssa Milano’s political affiliations and opinions are no surprise to anyone. She is very vocal in her criticism of Donald Trump. So, she decided to write a column for CNN. In it, she accused Trump and the GOP for using COVID-19 to suppress voter turn-out.

Milano writes a column for CNN

In an Op-Ed published by CNN, titled “The US can make voting safer during the pandemic. Don’t let Republicans stop it“, Alyssa Milano went all out against Donald Trump and the GOP. In her first line, Milano accused Trump of undermining US election results and making it harder for people to vote.

After he won, he made ridiculous, unsubstantiated claims about illegal voters allowing Hillary Clinton to beat him in the popular vote… He launched a sham commission to examine voter fraud, then disbanded it when it didn’t find the evidence he wanted.

Moreover, Alyssa Milano also wrote about how Trump is committing voter suppression by going against vote-by-mail:

And now, as Americans look to ensure they can vote safely during this Covid-19 crisis, he’s come out against vote-by-mail — even though he himself has voted by mail.

And it’s safe to say that Alyssa Milano has a valid point. Voter turn-out will be heavily affected by vote-by-mail is not implemented. And that gives Donald Trump a reason for not supporting this policy.

Trump is not a big fan of vote-by-mail

Alyssa Milano Claims Trump Is Using COVID-19 To Suppress Voter Turn-out

There’s no secret that Donald Trump isn’t a big fan of this method of voting. He believes that it is an easy way to commit voter fraud. Last month, the US President tweeted:

But, it’s not just limited to the President. Alyssa Milano wrote in her piece that the GOP and the Republican National Committee is spending:

 $20 million to fight lawsuits aimed at making it easier for Americans to cast their ballots this year.

According to Milano, it’s clear voter suppression as the President is forcing Americans to choose between “their health and their vote” by not implemented vote-by-mail:

We need to be clear about what this is: voter suppression. It’s one of the only tools in their campaign toolbox… Trump is willing to make voters choose between their health and their vote.

Alyssa Milano is a firm believer of vote-by-mail, and believes it must be implemented before the second wave of Coronavirus hits the US:

Vote-by-mail is safe, time-tested, and secure — and doesn’t benefit one party or another, no matter what Trump says. With a second wave of the virus expected to be even more devastating this fall, the urgency to implement options like vote by mail is increasing.  Instead of wasting time jamming through more radical, anti-choice judges, Senate Republicans should side with House Democrats and support important voting reforms. The states must act too.

Despite these arguments, Alyssa Milano is drawing criticism. However, it is important to note that most of them are from supporters of the GOP.

Criticism follows Milano

Where Alyssa Milano goes, criticism follows. This time, Washington Times Columnist Tim Young said this about the activist to Fox News:

Alyssa Milano on MSNBC once said that Donald Trump had a magical ‘cult-like force’ to make people agree with him… mind control. She’s nuts, why would anyone listen to her?

Moreover, Young also believes that this is a way for the Democrats to “cheat” to get Trump out of office.

Alyssa Milano may have her contradictions, but in this column, she rose some valid concerns. People should not be forced to choose between democracy and their lives. It only prevents people from voting and forcing a lower voter turn-out, which is never good for any elections. With more voters, a fair election can be ensured, which is just what the US needs in the 2020 elections.

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