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Alicia Keys Shares Letter She Sent To Her Father Craig After He Left Her

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She begins her letter by not writing “Dear Dad” or even “Dear Craig”, just a date on the left top corner of the page. Alicia Keys revealed the letter she wrote to her father who left her back in 1994 and how it impacted her and her family’s life. Keys’ father left his family when she was only two years old, after which her mother Teresa raised her. Yesterday, Keys took to Instagram to show us a letter that she wrote to her father when she was 14. “It saddens me that most of my heart is bitter towards you,” the Fallin’ singer began writing in her letter.

Alicia Keys’ Emotional Letter To Her Father

“It’s been too long for me to avoid this any longer. People ask me, ‘what do you want him to do?’ To you you the truth, I don’t much care what you do. I don’t much care if we never speak again. I hate to be so blunt and I know it must hurt, it has to hurt you, but all these years you’ve hurt me.”

This is an excerpt from the letter Alicia Keys wrote to her father. In her caption to the post, Keys admits what she has written down was hurtful but explained that her words came from a place of vulnerabilities and longing. There were ’empty promises’ involved and although she showed that she didn’t care, it hurt the star singer back then a lot. Teresa had to take long working hours to support the family, which left her daughter alone with her piano.

However, Keys revealed that her father kept her letter the whole time and never mentioned it.

“It’s CRAZY that he kept this letter after all these years. I was so shocked when he first showed me. It was tucked away in a shoe box full of memories. I’m glad he and I can look back at it now as a sign of how far we’ve come.”

Key’s letter ends with telling her father to mind his business and don’t call or write back to her. Fortunately, the two have a much better relationship now that everyone has moved on. Take a look at the letter below:


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