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Nikki Bella Explains Why She Opened Up About Her Rape Incidents

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It was some days ago when former pro-wrestling superstar Nikki Bella revealed two rape incidents. She spoke about them in her and Brie Bella’s memoir, Incomparable. One time she was attacked by a friend who took things too far, while another she was at a party with her friend. Bella tells that it was the hardest part of her book to write, talking about what happened and how it affected her family. She also went on to explain what motivated her to speak about these incidents in the first place.

Why Did Nikki Bella Speak About Her Rape?

The reason Nikki spoke about her rape incidents was purely for the fans. She admitted that it was her Bella army (fans) who motivated her into writing that part down in her book. However, speaking to HollywoodLife, she also explained why it was important:

“When the Me Too movement also came out, it gave me the strength and courage that people need to hear these stories. There are going to be women like me that hold onto it for 20 years with all this blame and guilt and shame. And honestly, I don’t want the girls that follow me and look up to me if it happens to them. I don’t want them to hold onto it like I have.”

Nikki Bella defends her stance on revealing her rape story despite how emotional it was to see the news making headlines next to her name with the word attached. She felt exhausted nonetheless because prior to this she was battling, as she revealed.  Since its publishing on May 5, Incomparable has landed in New York Times Best Sellers list. The book is currently available as an eBook and paper-form. For Nikki Bella, she “truly did want (people to close the book) and take something away from it.”  For the victims, know that they are going to become a hero of their own story.

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