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Tesla CEO Elon Musk Recalls The Cybertruck Window Fail to Joe Rogan

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Elon Musk remembers the moment when the Tesla Cybertruck window broke on stage. He was sharing his thoughts on his second appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience. Tesla CEO Elon Musk made his way to YouTube’s JRE podcast again and shed light on many different topics. He talks about Coronavirus and thinks that we need better data on Coronavirus deaths and called compulsory quarantine a violation of our rights. SpaceX CEO also tried explaining to Joe Rogan why he named his baby X Æ A-12.

The conversation turns to cybertruck

However, the conversation got more interesting when the host asked Tesla CEO why Cybertruck window break occurred during the unveiling. Joe also jokingly gave credit to The Boring Company‘s boss for not losing his temper and reacting as Steve Jobs would have.

What was it like when the dude threw the steel balls at the window and it wasn’t supposed to break but it did?

You didn’t get mad though. You did not Steve Jobs it.

In response to the question, Elon Musk recalled that he almost lost it and the accident made him swear but no one heard what I said.

You know our demos are authentic, so I wasn’t expecting that. I think I muttered under my breath. I swore but I think the mic did not pick that up.

The multi-billionaire Elon Musk (net worth $36.9 billion) then explained why it happened.

Hours before the demo, both Tesla Chief designer Franz von Holzhausen and I were throwing steel balls at the window and they were bouncing right off. I think what happened was that when Franz hit the door with the sledgehammer, it cracked the corner of the glass. Once that happens it’s game over.

It was an interesting conversation and Elon Musk gave a rather candid view on what exactly happened. Watch the full Joe Rogan Experience Episode #1470 on YouTube.

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