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Ash Vs. Evil Dead: Grotesque Franchise Of Utter Delight

Who knew a horror comedy TV show would be so relaxing?

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Set 30 years after the three Evil Dead Films, Ash Vs. Evil Dead serves as a continuing sequel to the Evil Dead franchise.  The franchise that continually starred Bruce Campbell in a lead role was directed and written by Sam Raimi and produced by Rober G. Tapert. The original trilogy includes The Evil Dead (1981), Evil Dead II (1987), and Army of Darkness (1992). Owing to the soaring and ever- growing popularity of the franchise; the concept was adapted into multiple pieces of art including video games, comic books, and musicals before finally becoming a television series.  While there were plans for more movies to show up; in 2014 Starz announced that it would bring back The Evil Dead as a comedy- horror TV series in its network.

The show brings us back to the life of Ash (Ashley Joanna Williams); an unsung hero who hasn’t been able to make much out of his life since his return from the 1300 AD. He is occupied as a stock boy at a value store. While he remains alone in a trailer, drinking at bars like a lone wolf; there is some romantic spark between his co-workers Pablo and Kelly. The drabness of Ash’s mundane tasks is; however, soon upturned as he is once again summoned to fight the titular Evil Dead. The premise marks the start of a long impending quest to save humanity. And in his rough and riveting journey, Ash is not alone. His friends too, join him in his mission of saving the world.

Set against a magnificently choreographed scary set, the comedy and horror in this rolling slapstick are both visceral. The show is nowhere serious, I repeat, nowhere. There are terrifying beasts on the loose, after of course a hilarious accident; yet, the aura is as relaxed as it could be. Undoubtedly, this single feature does not let the comedy drain out of an absolutely terrifying show.

The best part of the show is that it tears through the storyline and mythology just like it tears through slaughtering bodies. There is always some emotional camaraderie, but not much time is wasted on them. The gore, which is utterly hilarious and disgusting, conjures up for a thick, enthralling ride. The scatological humor can incorporate babies and corpses in a single scene and allow us to howl with laughter.

The show has garnered only generally favorable reviews. In this audacious reboot, Campbellhe boomstick-wielding, Deadite-slaying Ash could sells on the most things. He knows how to blend all the quips, chainsaws and blood into a farce, and he does it with fine perfection. Dana DeLorenzo’s Kelly Maxwell is strict, and in the guise of her no-nonsense demeanor she carefully obscures her emotionally vulnerable self. Ray Santiago’s Pablo has a tongue-in-cheek humility in his speech which complements the intricately-grotesque plot. Casting director Grey invests a lot when she is picking victims that will eventually be slain. Seeing dapper characters give masterful shots as eerie, creepy demons is something we obtain exclusively from Ash Vs. Evil Dead.

Raimi’s creative finesse and Bruce Campbell’s tour de force charisma give rise to groundbreaking premieres and climaxes. Episodes occasionally get new writers and directors, but none damage the standard of hilarity on the show. Watching the production come up with crazy kills and challenging set pieces is nearly as fun as hearing Ash’s continuous wisecracking, making “Ash vs. Evil Dead” quite possibly the most fun you can find on television. Cancelled after three seasons in 2018, the show still occupies a safe place in our hearts. It did not only relinquish any reservations towards aging heroes, but also provided a working example of how to scare and make people laugh simultaneously.

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