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NikkieTutorials mother could not get tested for COVID-19

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So, the YouTube community is divided into several genres. One of the top YouTubers in the beauty community would be Nikkie De Jager. She is from Wageningen, Netherlands, and has over 12.4 million followers. However, to an unfortunate cause, back in March, NikkieTutorials’s parents were sick. MommaTutorials, Nikkie’s mom fell victim to the COVID-19 Coronavirus (SARS-CoV2) virus. In one of her Instagram stories, in March, she cries about the case.

NikkieTutorials’s mother had Coronavirus

In a twist of events, doctors tell NikkieTutorials that her mother has the Coronavirus. So, she talks to her fans about it with a heavy heart.

This virus is not a joke. We’re not 100% sure that it is corona that she has, but she has all the symptoms and she’s getting a – she has an appointment later today in like an hour in a half with the doctors to see if it’s really the virus. I’m f*cking scared.

After the appointment, NikkieTutorials updates fans about her mother.

Her lungs sounded clean, they are pretty convinced that she has the virus, but they don’t test any longer. So now she has to go back home and sleep, rest, and get well on her own, unless she gets a higher fever or if she gets shorter of breath, that’s all she can do.

NikkieTutorials then takes to Twitter to explain what is going on with her mother.


She discloses that the Netherlands is not testing patients anymore.

In The Netherlands they don’t test on Corona anymore so they’re positive it’s that… but they won’t test cause we don’t have enough. they save them for the elderly and people in critical conditions.

She posts a final update saying her mother is recovering now in her March 31st NikkieTutorials Video.

This is a reminder of how important it is to keep yourself safe and staying at home at this time. There are many who need the resources in our countries and we should not let our recklessness add to the number so those who need it, but cannot be tested.

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