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Grey’s Anatomy Ends Two Seasons From Now

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Popular ABC series – Grey’s Anatomy has been on television for around 13 years now. And finally, the lead star Ellen Pompeo hinted that the show will be done soon. But that’s still another two seasons away. If the stars can see the end approaching, maybe it’s really the time for Grey’s Anatomy to wrap it up. Well, it should have been over for a long time now. And viewers have speculated for years as to what will bring this show to a conclusion. But at last, we have heard the reality from Ellen Pompeo herself.

Grey’s Anatomy Approaching An End?

Right before the premiere of Grey’s Anatomy season 15, Ellen Pompeo dropped some interesting hints. And they really question the running of the show as she hinted that the show might not continue after season 16. While talking to Entertainment Weekly, Ellen Pompeo said that she could not make a formal announcement about the future of the show. But they have narrated the majority of possible stories that they could. And that it’s time that she mixes things up since she is definitely looking for a change.

Ellen Pompeo remains one of the four cast members that are on Grey’s Anatomy ever since it debuted on television in 2004. Back in May 2018, she discussed the prospects of the show exiting the screens soon. She claimed that they are getting there and that she will make this decision together with Shonda. Further, she addressed how working on the show for so long has impacted her. It taught her how relationships change, grow and need work. Just like any marriage or friendship. Moreover, she discussed how we need to accept the flaws of everyone, and of one’s own self to change and become a better person. Ellen Pompeo also feels everything is worth the time and effort you invest. And that things do become better.

However, talking about Grey’s Anatomy, Ellen Pompeo felt that there is definitely an end approaching. The actress and producer want to be more involved with her children as they grow up. Although, she said that it’s a great opportunity and it’s not like she would never want to do it again.

What Does This Mean?

Honestly, there has been speculation about the future of the show for a long time now. And people were constantly on the lookout for any possible clue that Grey’s Anatomy might end for good. But now that Ellen Pompeo has herself hinted that she might want to leave after the 16th season, it has to mean something.

Previously, Shonda Rhimes revealed that she would be on the show as long as Ellen is. And that the show would continue if they both remain on it. If Ellen wants to stop, Grey’s Anatomy would stop. And that she was not sure if the show will see 600 episodes. But as long as there were fresh stories to tell, they were excited to keep it going. So, now that Ellen has hinted she might want to retire after her extended contract ends with season 16, Grey’s Anatomy might see it’s retirement too.

Well, Grey’s Anatomy is still here for another 2 seasons.

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