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Top 5 Infamous YouTube Apologies

They can't just get away with it.

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Today we’re going to talk about some infamous YouTube apologies. We’re going to list down the top 5 viral videos of social media stars apologizing for their deeds.

5. Jaclyn Hill

In 2019, Jaclyn Roxanne Hill received a lot of backlash for her low-quality lipstick. In response, she made a few videos and defended her brand Jaclyn Cosmetics. She did accept there was something wrong with those lipsticks but instead of apologizing, she got a little confrontational with her YouTube and Instagram followers.

4. Laura Lee

Laura Lee’s YouTube apology video is a memorable one and more of a YouTube drama. After being accused of racism on Twitter, American makeup artist Laura Lee apologized to Larlees and everyone she might have offended. However, the apology video was rather insincere and received backlash from the Larlees. Fans were even more furious when they found out that the video was monetized. She had to take down the video eventually and had to say sorry for her insincerity.

3. James Charles

Makeup artist James Charles and Tati Westbrook had a squabble in the spring of 2019. The tiff between the two became intense after Tati uploaded a 45-minute video aimed at the YouTube sensation and first male ambassador of CoverGirl.

Charles made an 8 minute YouTube apology video titled, Tati. However, it was met with a lot of heat from the viewers and millions disliked it. It became the 13th most disliked video in YouTube history.

2. Logan Paul

The Paul Brothers are one of the most controversial internet personalities. Logan Paul’s apology after the infamous Japan Dead Man video is also one of the most disliked videos to date.

It’s a severe and continuous lapse of my judgment and I don’t expect to be forgiven. I want to apologize to the internet and everyone who has seen the [Japan Dead Man Video].

Many believe that Logan Paul‘s YouTube apology was too brief and should’ve been more detailed. However, to his credit, he never took the video down unlike many other YouTubers on our top 5 list.

1. PewDiePie

PewDiePie‘s apology in response to using the N-word in one of his videos made headlines all over social media and on websites like Business Insider and Variety.

It was something that I said in the heat of the moment. It’s not like I can say or do whatever I want and get away with it. That’s no the case. I’m just an idiot.

It’s probably one of the most sincere apologies and not a YouTube drama.

Do you have something to say about these videos? Share in the comments section.

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