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Shane Dawson works on Horror Movie – Encounters Ghost?

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Shane Dawson is spending his Quarantine making his childhood dreams come true. The YouTuber Diva is diving into a whole new world. That is right, Shane Dawson is writing a horror movie. He is diving into the world of ghosts and paranormal activity as it was supposedly his childhood dream to make a movie. The tweet where he revealed this latest venture of his is now a pinned tweet on his account.

Sorry I haven’t been very active lately or posting much. I’ve been taking some time to finally write a horror script for a movie I’ve been wanting to make since I was a kid. I’ve wanted to make horror movies my whole life so I’m really really excited and also very nervous. :,)) Movie camera

However, just moments after announcing his Horror Movie, Shane Dawson supposedly encounters a ghost!

Shane Dawson encounters a ghost working on a Horror Movie script.

So, Shane tweets a thread of this strange encounter he has while on FaceTime with his trainer.

Shane Dawson jokes about how this Ghost may have been protecting him. Weird. That is not usually how it works in horror movies.

Two minutes earlier my beats headphones made a loud high pitch noise and I threw them off my head. Luckily I had just finished my reps but if I would have been holding weights at the time I would have dropped one on my face. Was the figure protecting me?? Haha

However, Shane Dawson reveals that his purpose for tweeting this was to ask if other horror movie writers have encounters like this too?

I guess my main question is, when you start to delve into darkness while trying to write horror does that open up a door for them to walk into? Cause that was my first ghostly encounter in BROAD DAYLIGHT. Any horror writers out there experienced this?? Or anyone in general?

Well… That is a whole lot of creepy for us from Shane Dawson however, we do look forward to his Horror Movie!

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