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Tenet Movie Will Not have Time Travelling Involved | Robert Pattinson Tells

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Director Christopher Nolan’s latest work Tenet has got everyone in a twist as people join heads to figure out the storyline from the trailer. Robert Pattinson has offered some kind of an olive branch in this regard, we suppose. Acting as an unknown role in the film, Pattinson tells that there will not be any time traveling in Tenet. Watching the trailer, people are suggesting that this movie may play out like Nolan’s second in career, Memento. There, the storyline unfolds in reverse, with the story ending coming at the start of the movie. Some suggested that it will be more like Dunkirk, with multiple plot threads. For now, what is absolutely sure about the movie is that there is SOME level of time-trick present. But, we don’t know which one.

Pattinson Talks about Tenet

The future Batman star was speaking to the GQ magazine, telling them that he also had no idea about the film. The last time whom we heard this from was  Michael Caine. However, Pattinson went just a tiny step further to give us more knowledge of what to expect:

“He’s not a time traveler. There’s actually no time traveling. That’s, like, the one thing I’m approved to say.”

Fine! Since there is no traveling through the clock that is not present in Tenet, then perhaps there is some other kind of bending theory at play? In fact, this is exactly what some people are calling it so to explain the events happening in the trailer. When we take a look at Nolan’s career, we know that this is not the first time such an idea is at play here. Interstellar is one of the many of Nolan’s award-winning movies using time theories. Here, we find out that the characters were able to skip through time in fast-forward without having even a minimal effect on their looks. Perhaps this what Tenet is about, then?

What do you guys think?

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