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Erica Mena’s Pictures Got Safaree And Fans’ Hearts Racing In Excitement

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So you upload thirsty pictures of yourself and your husband doesn’t drool over them? We say that you get rid of him at once! Erica Mena’s recent picture is a prime example of what a husband should do when a woman uploads racy pictures of herself: go crazy! The television personality sent out a thirst trap for her fans but it looks like it attracted more than just her 5 million Instagram fans. Mena also managed to impress husband Safaree who hopped in the comments to basically tell she sent his temperatures flying straight up. Note that this comes after the star went through pregnancy, getting her body back in shape without any cosmetic surgery.

Erica Mena Pictures Send Husband Salivating

Fans are loving how Erica Mena pictures are showing that she is getting her post-pregnancy body back in shape. She is doing this without going through any surgeries, reports are suggesting. Reports also suggest the Mena has been working out at her home furiously and the quarantine is helping her out with this goal. Moreover, she is constantly sharing her progress and the products she is using with her fans in case anyone wants to follow. Here is what she wants to do after all that exercising:

“I wanna meet myself from another persons point of view and experience my own energy.”

Erica Mena wrote this as a caption on her racy picture which you can check out over here.

Looking at such the sultry picture of Mena, Safaree couldn’t contain himself:

“I’m ja**ing to this later 🌚🌚😩😩 who’s with me???”

When you post such an invitation, it will surely invite all sorts of fans, which Safaree certainly did. One replied that he will join him during his break from work in his office! Information that we did not want to receive. A few people also teamed up against Safaree for the comment but the abundant amount of love Erica Mena is getting on her picture made those comments disappear.

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