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Tamar Braxton doesn’t have drama with Traci Braxton

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The Braxton sisters may be at odds with each other. The feud broke out when WE’s “Braxton Family Values” wrapped up their last season. The dispute occurs when Traci took treatment for herself and her manager at Tamar’s tour stop in DC. Things took an unpleasant turn when Traci’s manager called Tamar’s friend a “slur” backstage. The things further heated up at Nappa Valley when Traci and Tamar argued and the feud turned ghastly.

How the feud began

It all started when Tamar’s began hosting live YouTube streams. Recently, one of the shows included Towanda and Trina along with their significant halves Sean and Von. When someone asked Tamar where Traci was, Tamar took offense and engaged in a rude response.

The topic of this live stream was a discussion about blending families together. And it was fitting for the guests too because both Towanda and Trina along with Tamar herself have children from previous marriages or relationships.

When asked on the show where her sister, Traci was Tamar rapidly replied with annoyance saying that her sister is at home nurturing her unblended family. Tamar continued to say irritatingly that she hates “Braxton Family Values” because how everyone always makes it Tamar vs. Traci.

Why Tamar Braxton doesn’t want Cliff around

Traci’s manager, Cliff meets with the show’s producers as they discuss and contemplate about the controversy around last season. But, Cliff has not been allowed during rehearsals. Because Tamar did not want him around and she made sure of it. However, Traci was left surprised when she found out about this decision of her sisters’. During the shows’ rehearsals, Traci continues with filming and rehearsing while her manager leaves the premises.

However, Tamar has a conversation with her sister. And tells her that she did not like Cliff poisoning Traci’s ears and telling her that Tamar should not open on the tour. Eventually, like loving sisters that we all know of, they reconcile and hug out the rift between them.

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