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Will Joaquin Phoenix Be Able to redeem Joker After Jared Leto Ruined it

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The first look into Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker is out. And it’s definite that he looks incredible. The first look of Phoenix as Arthur was revealed last weekend by the movie director. Although this look is entirely different than the previous takes on Joker, it surely looks much better. Even when all the looks were solely unique, Joaquin Phoenix has had a radical redesign for the character. Before this, we have seen four different looks on the comic book character. First, it was Cesar Romero in Batman (1966), then Jack Nicholson in Batman (1989). They were followed by the irreplaceable Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight and finally with the unfortunate Jared Leto in Suicide Squad. With the casting of Joaquin Phoenix for the latest edition, people are speculating that he might be able to redeem the character since Jared Leto totally ruined it.

Joaquin Phoenix As The Joker

Just a teaser of what Joaquin Phoenix will look like as the Joker was enough to triple the excitement for the upcoming fill. All takes at the comic book character have been distinct in their own ways, but this latest addition is simply marvelous. A detailed look at the new Joker suggests that this time again the character has been set in a traditional Joker attire- the suit, waist coat and the slicked back green hair. For some this new Joker might lack in visual cues, but one thing is for sure- it makes up for the maniacal derangement through the design. It’s a classic clown look offset with haphazard application but lighting that perfectly underlines the gaunt face slimmed down by Joaquin.

Not only the appearance, but Joaquin Phoenix is really delivering it as the Joker. Although the teaser shows him for only about three seconds, he gives out so much. Joaquin Phoenix chuckles and smiles lightly to himself. Then, his face gives a resigned eyebrow twitch before falling into something more static. And that’s exactly where Joker fans can identify that the actor really hit it off!

Joaquin Phoenix has himself spoken up on his role as the iconic superhero villain. He feels that this is unique and unlike all other genres. Moreover, the actor is super excited to explore the real life struggles of his character. And it seems like he deeply understood them with the feel he gave as Joker. With his self-pleasing smile, and subtle eyebrow twitches, the Joker is ready to cast a dread over the audience.

Is The New Joker Better Than Jared Leto?

Before Joaquin Phoenix, Jared Leto took the screen as the Joker. But the results of that one with Suicide Squad did not turn out as favorable as one might have expected. What did Jared Leto really do to ruin that role so much?

Jared Leto simply took it too far. His form of forced method acting that simply resorted to being a bad colleague to work with. Sure, Heath Ledger isolated himself in a room and tried to adopt the mind of a psychopath by reading A Clockwork Orange and having a diary to write out the thoughts of his mind. But he never went out and mailed a live rat to his co-stars or bring a dead pig to rehearsals, which is what Jared Leto thought he had to do to become Joker .

Even in his acting, it was apparent that the role just didn’t come naturally to him as others have come so easily. His character was intent on telling everybody through every possible look that he is the Joker. And it got pretty dull through it. Maybe, this time Joaquin Phoenix could try cast a dread of his character rather than simply send out the message that he is a villain. Jared Leto’s take on the character was undeniably modern. And contradictory to the time period that the movie is set in. Plus, with Leto’s Joker, the look that has gone with the villain for 75 years was completely altered. And change is not always good. The world is hoping and expecting that with Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker, the character might be saved. Well, that’s what the teaser said at least!

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