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Is Emma Stone Secretly Married To her Boyfriend?

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When people say that love finds its way, we can surely believe that it can find a way during the lockdown and social distancing as well. Jake Gyllenhaal certainly made this clear to us. Singing us a song on quarantine where a guy sees a girl across the street, he made us realize there is always a way. For Emma Stone, the last we know about her was that she was planning her wedding to writer and director Dace McCary before the lockdown. So what is happening during it? Did Stone secretly marry McCary? Rumors certainly suggest that she did!

Fans Suggest That Stone Is Secretly Married!

Celebrity fans always amaze us with their keen eyes picking up even the tiniest of differences. Just last week, Stone’s appearance on Reese Witherspoon’s YouTube channel has started a discussion about whether Emma Stone is now secretly married. Fans noticed that she was no longer wearing her pearl engagement ring. Instead, she was wearing a simple gold band – which is apparently a classic fodder for a hush-push wedding. There is more!


The speculation that Emma Stone is secretly married increases as you continue to watch the YouTube show. When a mental-health expert cracked a joke about The Amazing Spider-Man actress marrying an anxious guy, she replied with, “Thankfully, I didn’t do that!”  She didn’t do that? So married someone?

Unfortunately, as all rumors go, we have received no official comments on Emma Stone secretly married news, not from the couple, not from anyone. However, we do know from several tabloids that the two were certainly in the mood of holding a ceremony in March. However, they had to postpone it because of the coronavirus. McCary and Stone have been dating for three years now, and they were engaged for over five months. Who knows maybe they decided to go ahead with their plans and held a secret ceremony to due to social distancing?

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