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Why Hating These TV Villains Gives Us Pleasure

Let's connect over our mutual hatred for these awful fictional characters.

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A great villain makes for great story lines. They are integral to making television shows intriguing and intricate. Some villains make us root for them, while others make us love hating them. Let’s take a look at TV’s badass baddies.

Commander Waterford and Serena Joy

Source: Hulu

What makes Waterford stand as a distinct villain in this list is the fact that he behaves like a gentleman. He invites June to a game of Scrabble, and when they are alone he treats her like a person. And this is probably what makes him the worst. When he is his nicest, he is actually his worst because in his hour-long kind activities he’d give one a jump scare with a glimpse of his vicious self.

His wife Serena has been sidelined by the people she helped reach the top. No doubt, she is a frustrated woman. And, she unapologetically vents out her anger on her docile, susceptible captives; establishing her as a true sociopath. The husband-wife duo, despite having differences, is Gilead’s worst nightmare.

The Mind Flayer

Source: Netflix

The Supreme inhabitant and ruler of the upside down, this M.U.T.O from Godzilla is all up to conquer every dimension possible.  A hive brain to the Demogorgon and the Demodogs, this Genocidal Monster has questionable motives.  He watches over the world through Will’s eyes and offers no reluctance before mass massacres. This Shadow Monster, as suggested by its name, is deprived of a heart. He unleashed his army of demo dogs to slay young children.

The Mind Flayer is no ordinary monster on the loose. He is unpredictably wild, but also extremely cunning; something uncommon to mainstream monsters. He used Will as a puppet against his own mother, Joyce, and attempted to strangle her. Though most of his plans are hindered by Eleven, he isn’t simply the one who’d quit. He is currently the series’ main antagonist and will return soon to create more chaos.

Frank and Claire Underwood

Frank and Claire Underwood
Source: YouTube

Disgraced actor Kevin Spacey plays the now deceased evil mastermind Frank Underwood. Irrespective of the kind of person Spacey is, he repeatedly shocked us with his evil as Frank. He can stand heads on with coat. And what probably makes him the worst is he can easily adapt his genius according to the environment. So basically, he can outmaneuver any move.

His wife, USA’s very own Lady Macbeth is just as cunning and ruthless. Claire’s more stealthy in her means of destroying people and consolidating power. And now, at the end of the day, she is the boss.

Cersei Lannister and The Night King

Cersei Lannister and The Night King
Source: Pizza Bottle

Cersei, who was primed to be the final season’s main villain from the very start, knows no boundaries of being cruel. There was no justification of any action in the service of her children, and this ultimately resulted in their death- not to mention countless hundreds of others.

This blue-eyed beast and his army of the undead are the true enemies facing humanity, even as various flesh-and-blood cliques face off against one another in fruitless struggles for power. If they don’t hang together, they shall all hang (or get torn apart by zombies) separately. Ramsay Bolton:

Ramsay Bolton

Ramsay Bolton
Source: Amino

Game of Thrones villains alone can perhaps occupy all the seats in this list. But this evil bastard deserves his own honorary mention. Ramsay is pure evil personified. Sadistic, sardonic, ruthless, sexually depraved and a psychotic sociopath. Nothing that Ramsay has ever done had anything to do with humans. From raping his newly wedded wife Sansa to castrating his servants, to flaying men alive, to girl hunting whatever Ramsay did was beyond beast-like.

Ramsay’s immediate family was not able to evade his sheer evil; he killed his father, stepmother and step brother for his own benefit. Ramsay was invincible, a vile genius who would beguile vulnerable victims into physical and mental torment. He was formidable enough to have not lost any confrontation, except for of course his last. Even when he lost to John Snow, he was confident that he would outmaneuver the situation and escape alive. Much to his dismay, he fell prey to one of his own hounds that had not been fed in seven days. Needless to say, his death was an oddly satisfying moment to watch.

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