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Beyonce Accused of Dark Magic: Illuminati Confirmed or Hoax?

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A former drummer who previously worked for Beyonce in her band has accused the singer of extreme witchcraft. Not just that, but her claims of Beyonce using dark magic are pretty elaborate. Kimberly Thompson has alleged that Beyonce uses her dark spells to control her finances and to run surveillance. In fact, the former employee has even taken the matter to court and requested for a restraining order against her.

Apparently, as per the court records obtained by The Blast, Kimberly Thompson used to work for Beyonce for almost 7 years as a drummer in her band. But now she claims that Bey has initiated some sort of harassment campaign against her. And that also includes Beyonce practicing extreme witchcraft and dark magic against her. Further, she claims that the singer has been using magic spells of sexual molestation against her. And that Beyonce also murdered her kitten. Not only this, but Kimberly Thompson is of the view that Beyonce has been taping all her phones and controlling her finances. However, there is no evidence or proof that possibly explains these bizarre claims coming from Thompson. Even though, there is little to support her claims, the drummer is adamant that the singer is behind all this.

As Kimberly Thompson filed paperwork to appeal for a restraining order against her former employer, her request has been denied by a judge. And that comes off as no surprise since her claims were nonsensical discussions of witchcraft. If a look is taken at Thompson’s life, she did work for Bey for 7 years. And was a member of her all-female band. Other than that, Kimberly has some albums on her own record label and has also played with The 8G Band on Late Night with Seth Meyers. Previously, she has posted some videos on YouTube talking about mean people. And honestly put, the drummed looks disheveled and erratic.

Thompson has not commented on the judge’s decision. And there has been no word from Beyonce on these bizarre accusations.


Conspiracies of the Illuminati have survived as part of our pop culture for years now, what once may have startled some is now treated as a joke by the wide majority. For those of you who don’t know the history of Illuminati, it’s actually quite noble. It happened in 1776 Bavaria created on the premises of enlightening the members of the prestigious society. It was for progressive thinkers and visionaries, and as expected, the wider society was adamant on fighting this revolution and staunch Christians believers refused to let this become into any legitimate society. So, it never became a force like it’s portrayed often in movies. Much to anyone’s surprise, the culture of Illuminati was created as a joke. We aren’t kidding.

The Illuminati culture we are familiar with today, was in fact barely inspired from the actual Illuminati society. It was inspired from the Discordian Movement that endeavored to add chaos in society because they believed that society was too caught up in rules. Everything was black and white and they wanted a world of gray; full of confusion and chaos. It’s safe to say they went a little bit too far, because they actually published books insinuating rebelling and disobedience. But their aim wasn’t to rule the world, it was just to confuse the world by throwing out fake stories to create paranoia and moral panics amidst the too gullible public.

Connecting this with the beloved Beyonce, who is often linked to this dark society conspiring to rule the world, it’s safe to say that she’s just an unfortunate result of centuries old paranoia and a practical joke gone too long. If you keep looking at things deep enough, you can find connections and conspiracies in possibly everything. So, the drummer’s claim of her using dark magic may just be another case of hysteria or a mental illness gone unchecked. Just because we have no logical explanation for it, it doesn’t automatically mean that ungodly dark forces are at play.

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