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What’s Kanye West Up To Now?

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Kanye West has attracted trouble again. And this time it is over his wife Kim Kardashian. The controversial rapper posted a series of Instagram videos asking Drake and Nick Cannon to not use his wife’s name anymore. But Nick Cannon responded saying that he does not take instructions regarding what he is allowed to say or not. And now their social media rants have created a whole new drama to keep their fans entertained. Especially since Kanye West almost always makes little to no sense.

Kanye West Into A New Drama?

Apparently, there have been rumors that Kim Kardashian previously hooked up with Drake. And although she has publicly denied these, the gossip has long continued. Only recently, Kanye West decided to stop it. At least that is what he attempted to do. In an Instagram video, Kanye West address Nick Cannon. And said that even when he realizes that Cannon dated Kim Kardashian once, he should not mention her name in interviews now. He should respect her and not talk about the whole topic rather than giving suggestions on who she might have slept with. The rapper was trying to reference Nick’s interview in which he declared that Drake and Kim had slept together. Kanye West had issued his warning for the complete trio- Cannon, Drake, and Tyson.

Kanye West also seems less happy with Drake since he has done nothing to shut out the rumors of a relationship between him and Kim Kardashian. Instead, West would have liked if Drake set the record right. Kanye West believes that Drake is carrying the rumor. He cited an example saying that if he had a girlfriend from Chicago named Renita and then he was married to Rihanna, he wouldn’t come up with a song called Riri. And probably, that’s a hint at Drake’s Kiki. While addressing Drake, Kanye West said that he is smarter than that and knows where it is coming from. Plus, he advised him to not make records that could be confused.

Nick Cannon Enters The Drama

As a response to Kanye West’s social media rant, Nick Cannon posted a series of his own Instagram videos. And not just defended his actions but clarified that he was not going to take instructions from anybody as to what he is allowed to talk about. In this first video messaged, he began by saying that welcome back from the sunken place which is a beautiful thing. Next, he said that he was glad that Kanye West was back with it. And added that he had nothing but love and respect for him which he has always had.

After opening with this, Nick Cannon went on to address the videos posted earlier by Kanye West. He said that he had talked nothing harmful or disrespectful to his marriage or union. He said it salutes, and to keep it going. But nobody was going to tell him what he can say or what he can not. He added that he was a solid individual and if he is asked something, he will answer to the best of his ability. And he would always give his opinion which does not harm or disrespect anyone.

Nick Cannon also made a comment on the channel through which Kanye West chose to talk about this. He says that it’s 2018, and they are doing this through social media like they do not have phones and stuff. However, he went on to give West an open offer. He said that since the 200th episode of Wild ‘n Out is upon them, West is more than welcome to join. And he should come out on the show so they could talk about it.

Let’s now wait and see what the Kardashian-West family has to do about this offer!

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