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13 Reasons Why Announces Launch Date Of Final Season On Netflix

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We all were waiting for the end of the story which started with Hannah Bakers and now we have it. Netflix and 13 Reasons Why have announced the final season of the show, which is all set to air on June 5th. The announcement includes a very emotional behind the scenes, during the production phase when the cast was doing table readings. The show started off with Baker and gradually proceeded to Clay’s, then Tyler’s, Jessica’s, and the rest’s storylines. For three seasons, we have watched how a few teens faced tough decisions as they come to terms with playing a part in Baker’s suicide.

13 Reasons Why Final Season To Launch In Early June

13 Reasons Why released short clips of what was happening behind the seasons when filming the final season. We also see Alisha Boe (who starred as Jessica) tear up at the end:

“I will never forget this experience for the rest of my life, so thank you!”

Seeing is believing, so check out the final season announcement below:

It is heartwarming to see how everyone is hugging and keeping each other close while table reading is going on. For those who don’t know, table reading is when the whole cast sits together and speak out their lines so everyone knows what is happening in the show and adjust their cues. In the show, we saw that 13 Reasons Why the characters are preparing for graduation in the final season. Things are coming to an end for the senior students of the Liberty High School. However, before friends say goodbye to each other, they have to keep a dangerous secret buried and face heartbreaking consequences that may impact their future as well.

Executive producer, Joy Gorman, once told Buzzfeed News that we should what kids have to say and with this show, it will make them feel heard. The show started filming back in 2017.

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