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Interesting Update on Tiffany Haddish’s Dating Life

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The American comedian Tiffany Haddish has conquered the single life. While appearing on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, she shared interesting updates on her relationships. But surprisingly enough, it was a lot more than her love partners or boyfriends. In fact, Tiffany Haddish gave away some secrets that involve unusual things. And with what she shared, it seems like there is no place for a man in her life. But she’s still fully happy since she possess all the batteries that she needs!

What Does Tiffany Haddish Do?

On Thursday night, when talking to Stephen Colbert about her love life, Tiffany Haddish shared that her personal relationships have not been good. And that’s why she is not dating anymore. But that does not mean that she is not keeping up. Rather, Tiffany Haddish said that she has her weighted blankets and toys she got off of Groupon. Not just this, but she has her batteries. And she claims that they are a girl’s best friend. For those of you who didn’t get, Tiffany Haddish was making a cheeky reference to a vibrator. She added that she uses her weighted blanket to imitate cuddling with a man. Surely, Stephen Colbert was flustered while he heard Tiffany give away her personal secrets.

Not only the highlights, but Haddish was thorough with the details of how she uses these things to make up for not having a real male partner with her. Apparently, her weighted blanket is 25 pounds. After spraying a little cologne on it, she throws it over her legs and arms. And it feels like a man is holding her. Then, she snuggles up on it and adds her batteries in after getting them from her nightstand drawer. Further, Tiffany Haddish feels that this way is even better. Since she does not have to talk to her blanket or make it breakfast.

Looks like Tiffany Haddish has seriously mastered the solution to all your relationship problems!

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