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Here’s How New Zealand Is Reopening From COVID-19 Lockdown So Soon

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I‘m honestly a huge fan of New Zealand. After all, it is home to the Shire and has the coolest Prime Minister in the world in Jacinda Ardern. Therefore, it’s not surprising that New Zealand had one of the most effective responses to COVID-19 in the world. And now, it is time for them to reap the benefits. They’re easing the lockdown to alert level 2, which will open shops, malls, barbers, bars, domestic travel, and much more!

Here’s what Alert Level 2 Means

According to guidelines, this is what Alert Level 2 will mean the citizens of New Zealand:

  1. Wedding and concerts will be allowed, but no more than 100 people would be allowed to gather.
  2. Domestic traveling is allowed, but social distancing guidelines are important to follow.
  3. Bars, Cafes, and Barbers will be open for the people of New Zealand, but with special guidelines called the three ‘S’. They are
    1. Seated – only those people will be allowed to enter that can be seated.
    2. Separation – There has to be a safe space between two tables
    3. Service – Services will be available only at the tables, not the counters.
  4. Schools will finally reopen, as they are considered safe spaces for students.

These are just some of the guidelines that the reopening of New Zealand will follow. If you want to read it in greater detail, here’s a link. However, despite this reopening, people will have to stay vigilant, as there are many chances of a second outbreak. As Jacinda Ardern said in her address to the country:

Your efforts, New Zealand, have got us to this place ahead of most of the world and without the carnage that COVID has inflicted in many other places, but there are risks ahead, so please be vigilant.

New Zealand – the shining example for the world

New Zealand Reopens Malls, Barbers As COVID-19 Lockdown Eases Into Alert Level 2
Wikimedia Commons

The Kiwis handled the Coronavirus crisis better than most countries on Earth. And for that, Jacinda Ardern deserves special credit. Her leadership handled the Coronavirus crisis better than most countries far richer and powerful than New Zealand. This is how:

  1. Firstly, the New Zealand government conducted a lot of tests, with 8000 COVID-19 tests done every day. That puts the country at one of the highest tests done per capita.
  2. Secondly, Jacinda Ardern’s government maintained proper communication with the people. Everyone was given ample information about what the lockdown meant along with the different alert levels. Their policies and vision were well known to the people.

Because of these steps, New Zealand took a massive economic hit as well. But, the people believed that Jacinda Ardern and her policies, which is why they backed her. That is why New Zealand now has only 90 active cases, with only 21 deaths. These policies ensured that New Zealand is able to reopen so soon, and this should be used as an example in other countries on how to deal with COVID-19.

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