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Are We Going to See Netflix’s Hollywood Season 2?

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When a TV series gets a successful opening, it is obvious that a second season will be coming. Similarly, after just a few weeks, Netflix’s Hollywood season 2 is already in the talks.

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Welcome to Hollywood

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Inspired by real events and people, Hollywood seems like a utopian version of the reality of that era

Instantly after its release, the show received incredible reviews. So much so, that Netflix’s Hollywood season 2 is under talks. Created by Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan, Hollywood revolves around a group of dreamers who would do anything to make it big in Tinseltown.  During their journey, they seem to overcome every hurdle with ease. However, the reality was far from it. In a post-World War II Hollywood, sexual orientation, race, and gender did not have much leniency. According to the show, all anyone needs to be a star in Hollywood is to meet the right people at the right time and that’s about it. While in the show, people get opportunities based only on their talent and not on the color of their skin. In reality, the first African-American to get nominated for an award wasn’t until 1954. Similarly, gay people could not go out in public, let alone walk the red carpet of Oscars. Despite the altering reality, the show gives hope and inspires one to follow one’s dreams. The audience is already waiting for Netflix’s Hollywood season 2.

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All the stars come out May 1.

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After the first successful season, Netflix’s Hollywood season 2 is still a mystery

While Ryan Murphy is known for making the long-running show, he might have settled for miniseries now. When asked about Netflix’s Hollywood season 2, he did not seem very keen on it. He said:

“I just think it’s better and that it’s a more concentrated, powerful form of storytelling. I grew up in a system where you had to do 22 episodes of something for five or six years for it to be considered a success and always thought that was crazy and almost like a prison sentence. So I’m glad that I don’t have to do that anymore.”

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Dream big.

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Reportedly, the cast signed the contract for only seven episodes. Furthermore, Murphy said:

“You can get actors who are willing to do seven episodes, but it’s very hard to get somebody like a Patti LuPone or a Joe Mantello or even a Darren Criss now to do seven years [of a TV show].”

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These boys are on the rise, no foolin’.

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Despite Murphy’s reluctance, the idea of Netflix’s Hollywood season 2 is not completely far-fetched. We might get a surprise soon.

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