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Kyle Richards apologizes to Denise Richards

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On Wednesday’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kyle Richards took a prod at her co-star, Denise Richards. But Kyle regrets saying it now. In her defense, Kyle says that margaritas, emotions, and exhaustion took the best of her and she blurted out the mean remark.

However, Denise just turned her heads at the uncalled for comment from Kyle. And later, the forty-nine-year-old reality star had dome fun with being called a “raggamuffin.”

The star of RHOBH, shared a few throwback magazines covers photos on her Instagram and captioned them saying:

“Going down memory lane with this #ragamuffin,”

Kyle took immediate notice of her co-stars’ post and commented on it. She explained how she was not in her best shape in the episode. And continued to comment that:

“Denise, you are absolutely beautiful. There is no doubt about that. I was exhausted, emotional & felt everyone was coming at me. I got upset because I thought you of all people would get what I was saying because you yourself say you don’t get the glam thing and just wear a messy top knot. With that said, I still regret that comment… My apologies.”

Kyle went on to explain the “raggamuffin” was something her mother called her when Kyle looked messy. Even though raggamuffin isn’t an offensive word, to begin with. But she explains that she didn’t say it in a nice way on the show to Denise either.

When this drama broke off

This drama between Kyle and Denise began a week after the show filmed a dinner party at Kyle’s house. At the dinner, Kyle asked Denise’s husband, Aaron Phypers what he actually did and what his work entailed. Kyle continued to express that she understands his work is cutting-edge. However, Aaron explained that how we are taught how disease processes occur is not entirely true. and the truth is kept from everyone because it helps big organizations make lots of money from it.

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