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What’s happening in David Dobrik’s backyard?

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David Dobrik is the self-proclaimed “sexy, gorgeous and humble” YouTuber, and many fans agree with that description. Though his pranks get out of hands most of the times, however, he is hilarious and he knows it. David is not your regular YouTuber, (no offense to others). He is friends with many known celebrities and he keeps his fans entertained by surprising them with unexpected collaborations. However, all that fame comes with a price. Before quarantine started, fans used to show up outside his house and that’s really not cool. However, seems like even quarantine could not stop people from coming to his house.

David Dobrik finds a stranger in his backyard

While everyone should be following the “social distancing” properly and do not enter anyone’s house territory without permission, David Dobrik found a topless guy in his backyard. He shared the experience and footage on his TikTok, showing the whole weird situation.

@daviddobrikOkay i think its time to move♬ original sound – daviddobrik

The guy told David that he was having some “fresh air”  in his backyard. And David asked him to leave. Natalie Noel was totally weirded out with the stranger. However, turned out David and Natalie’s new roommate (but old friend), Ilya Fedorovich, was not bothered at all. As David Dobrik pointed out, Ilya saw the guy and started waving to him. When David asked him who is the guy, Ilya said he does not know.

Fans get worried

This is not the first time someone has broken into David Dobrik’s house. Some local fans have been breaking into his house from quite some time. That’s why the rest of the fans want David to move out of his house and shift somewhere safer. Even Jeremy Cohen has spoken on the matter.

While some fans are seriously worried about David Dobrik, others want Natalie to be safe.

David Dobrik

David Dobrik Backyard



Well, we are honestly glad to see Ilya in the house as well. However, please do not trespass or enter someone’s private property even if it’s a celebrity.

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