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Tana Mongeau forced to censor her piercings on Instagram

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Tana Mongeau, the MTV star who just got another show on the network, is enjoying her freedom to the maximum these days. She knows how to party and even coronavirus cannot stop her. Tana has been through many ups and downs this year, getting divorce from Jake Paul for an unregistered “fake” marriage, losing herself due to anxiety and depression and then finding herself again. In fact, the journey has been pretty tough so far. However, Tana might have taken a chapter from Jake Paul’s current love interest Julia Rose. She is posting more and more explicit images on her Instagram handle. But unfortunately, Instagram Community Guidelines has forced her to censor her piercings in latest post.

Tana Mongeau censors her piercings on Instagram

While Twitter and Facebook have ‘lenient’ community guidelines, Instagram is strict about it. Even though coronavirus has led to less number of “policy reviewers” and hence, slow response to flagged posts. However, Tana Mongeau is still not taking any chances to post explicitly-explicit content and get her posts flagged, or worst; getting herself shadow-banned from Instagram.

Just a few weeks ago, Tana was wondering whether she should join OnlyFans or not. She is getting sick of editing her content in order to make sure that her content is till monetized. Tana Mongeau openly talked about it in her 4:20 vlog as well. A few days ago, she posted a couple of explicit but censored images on her Instagram stories and asked her followers whether they want uncensored content from her or not.

Turns out, they do. Because Tana is constantly posting explicit pictures of herself on Instagram stories and some of the posts as well. Moreover, she recently revealed her piercings that she had to censor due to Instagram policies.

Friends react

Tana Mongeau’s stans love her whether she posting pictures with or without clothes. However, her recently posted “censored” pictures have received a huge applause from her friends as well.


You can see Danielle Cohn, Lena and even Adam22 of NoJumper podcast (Lena’s boyfriend) commenting on Tana’s post. Adam even hinted of seeing her uncensored content on her OnlyFans account.


Tana Mongeau censor

Considering Cole Carrigan has done multiple makeovers for Tana Mongeau, we can tell he might have seen the uncensored version.

Is Tana Mongeau OnlyFans launched already?

While many fans have been waiting for Tana Mongeau to drop her OnlyFans official announcement, it’s only now that Adam22’s comment has led us to search if there is really an OnlyFans account in Tana’s name. And guess what, we found this:

Tana Mongeau OnlyFans Profile


Now, there is a chance that this profile might be fake. (If fake profiles are a thing on OnlyFans). However, there is also a possibility that Tana has already made her OnlyFans account. But she is not using it at the moment. Is she going to post explicit content “uncensored” on OnlyFans? We’ll have to wait and watch.

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