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Lexy Panterra Is On OnlyFans For Reasons Beyond What You Think!

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When Lexy Panterra invented her s*xy and rigorous dance exercise, Twerkout, did she also expect it to blow up like that? After over six years, the twerk-goddess has gained over 7 million followers on social media by perfectly utilizing her assets to cement her brand. The viral sensation has revealed that she was merely craving dance and fitness classes. And to get to her desires, she combined the two to makes something that seems similar to Zumba. Lexy Panterra is now planning to take one step further by joining OnlyFans. However, the rear-shaking star has something else on her mind with this!

Lexy Panterra Wants To Inspire Everyone Through OnlyFans!

By joining the explicit private media sharing application, Lexy Panterra is looking to promote inspiration through OnlyFans. She hopes her efforts will inspire others to follow her lead in monetizing their brands. When AskMen questioned her about how she will take advantage of the platform, she told them this:

“I joined the platform because I like to push boundaries. I like to make middle America uncomfortable. And for some reason, I think I’m that fine line between both worlds. One of my favorite parts about OnlyFans is the freedom! I’ve started to manage and curate a group of girls I called Lexy’s Girls. If anyone wants in, let me know. I’m like a nun on there, but I keep it f*cking trill.”

Lexy Panterra also gave out her OnlyFans handle @Lexypanterratwerk. Here’s more of what you can expect from her:


Or perhaps more of this:


For guys looking forward to impressing her, she revealed that she likes those who have chivalry and macho-ness to them. Also, you have to have a shoe size of 10 because “shoes say a lot about a guy… And you have to be well-groomed!”

Lexy Panterra was hinting a lot of details about her OnlyFans account on the interview, we think. When asked about what makes her feel empowered or even se*xy, she answered: “no makeup”. Perhaps that is what we are going to see!

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