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USA can only save the world in movies – Best STW scenarios ever made!

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After the COVID-19 Coronavirus (SARS-CoV2) Pandemic, the world is in a struggle. Consistently failing to find the cure to the Coronavirus, we cannot help but think back to all the times Hollywood movies show us just how crafty and efficient America is in finding solutions to the world crises. There are even memes going around that America should stop making ‘Save The World’ movies now. However, since we have all the time in our hands these days, we’ve been binging the best of action movies. And well, any movies out there. These are our favorite STW scenarios Hollywood has ever made!

The Best Save The World scenarios ever made in Hollywood!

(We will try our best to leave out spoilers)

1) Contagion.

Ironically, this movie is all about a virus that is spreading fast around the world. With the tagline, ‘Nothing Spreads like Fear’ I think most would find this very relatable. The movie is packed with disease-infested humans. However, as healthcare professionals, everyday people, and government officials join forces, it does not take them long to find the cure. It has now been almost 5 months since Coronavirus started taking over our planet. Still nothing.

2) Outbreak

When an African Monkey brings a virus to America, Army doctors are in a race against time to Save the World from this deadly virus. The movie is from 1995 and rated 6.6/10 by IMDb.

3) Avengers Endgame.

I mean, how could we leave this one out? Lives Sacrificed, Time Travel, Iron Man, and the Marvel Avengers give their all to restore the balance and save the World. Okay one year and 200 watches later, we still cry every time!

4) Mission Impossible II

We wish Tom Cruise‘s characters in the Mission Impossible series were real! This one, in particular, is about trying to save the world by finding the cure to a disease called ‘Chimera’.

5) Interstellar

Oh yes. Americans have even traveled through a wormhole to save the world. One would think they can find a cure for a virus. The team of explorers saves the human race from becoming extinct. Now that is drama at it’s finest.

These are just some of the originals. There’s several Save the World scenarios that include minions, aliens, animals, avatars, and whatnot. However, we too agree that maybe Hollywood now needs to tone their hypothetical solutions down a bit. You know, since America couldn’t come through with an actual one.

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