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Soon-Yi Previn Defends Husband and Ex Step-Father

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The struggles of Mia Farrow’s family against Hollywood filmmaker Woody Allen are not unknown to anybody. Previously, when Mia Farrow and Woody Allen were going out, he started an affair with Farrow’s adoptive daughter Soon-Yi Previn. Not just that, but after their acrimonious breakup, she accused Woody Allen of molesting and assaulting her daughter Dylan Farrow when she was only 7 years old. But the claims have continued into adulthood. And especially, with the advent of the #MeToo movement, Mia Farrow and her family reentered the public light. However, things too a whole new turn as Soon-Yi Previn has spoken up about Woody Allen. Who by the way, is her husband now but was her former step father.

Soon-Yi Previn Defends Woody Allen

Soon-Yi Previn has finally broken her silence and is now publicly defending her husband Woody Allen. Previously, Soon-Yi Previn met Allen when he was going out with her adoptive mother Mia Farrow when she was only 10 years old. The two soon bonded, and became sexually involved. After Mia Farrow discovered Previn’s nude photographs with Allen, she kicked her out of the house. And Allen and Farrow broke up. At that time, Soon-Yi Previn and Woody Allen got together. However, she was only 21 and they had an age gap of almost 35 years which caused global outrage.

In her latest interview, Soon-Yi Previn finally opened up about everything in her life. And she has even addressed the assault allegations that her husband has been charged with for a lot of years now. Previn claims that Mia Farrow pushed Dylan to accuse her father of assault so she could get back at Allen for having an affair. And that they have been exploiting the #MeToo movement for their own personal revenge. Soon-Yi Previn added that what happened to Woody Allen was unfair. It’s not just upsetting but unjust. And that Mia was simply parading Dylan Farrow as a victim. Soon after Previn’s statement came out, Dylan took to Twitter to invalidate the claims.

Soon-Yi Previn Accuses Mia Farrow

In her recent interview with the New York magazine Vulture, Soon-Yi Previn also discussed her relationship with her mother Mia Farrow. And accused her adoptive mother of verbally, physically and emotionally abusing her. She said that Mia Farrow was never kind or civil to her. She added that Farrow was a neglective and abusive mother who used her adopted daughters as house helps. And they were supposed to cook, clean and shop while Farrow would work on scrapbooks and chat to her friends over the phone.

Soon-Yi Previn claims that Mia Farrow would easily get angry at her for her poor English. And that when she tried to teach her alphabets with wooden blocks, and if she failed, Farrow would throw them at her. At times, Farrow would threaten to send her to an insane asylum. Soon-Yi Previn had a learning disability, but Mia’s attitude made it worse for her. Mia would humiliate her by writing words on her arms. And would also sometimes tip her upside down so the blood could reach her brain. Soon-Yi Previn believes that her mother made her ashamed of having this disability which is why she could never talk about it easily.

According to Soon-Yi Previn, she has no positive memories with her mother. And when Mia Farrow found her nude pictures with her partner, it was over for Previn. She slapped her, screamed, created a scene and then eventually kicked her out of the house. Woody Allen also almost went through the same behavior. However, Previn added that she knows that the affair was a terrible shock that they inflicted on her mother. But Soon-Yi Previn is only joined by her brother Moses Farrow in her claims of Farrow being an abusive mother. All of the rest of her children have sided with Farrow claiming that she was a devoted and loving mom.

Soon after this interview was published, Dylan and Ronan Farrow came up to their mother’s defense. And it’s a mystery as to what the real truth is.

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