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Kevin Hart And Jimmy Fallon Go Back To School

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Everybody’s favorite comedians Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon gave a unique surprise to students at a high school in Queens. It was certainly quite a shock as the duo walked into a classroom to film an episode for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. But this was no regular episode. And surely, fans of the comedians will know it.

Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon’s Day At School

Basically, in light of Kevin Hart’s new movie Night School, both Kevin and Jimmy Fallon decided to go back to high school. They chose to participate in math, science and gym classes. The aim was to see which out of the two would be deemed the better high school student at the feigned graduation ceremony. And you can always count on Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart to make ordinary and boring school fun and interesting.

In the wake of their student competition, both comedians set out to impress all their teachers better than each other. Jimmy Fallon tried doing so by presenting his math teacher with an apple. But Kevin Hart wins over by giving the teacher a basket full of Apple products with a red bow on top. And added that he did not if they are into Apple products, so he basically got them all. The teacher was even less impressed with Jimmy Fallon later. And the late night host definitely failed at putting his algebraic skills to test.

After this, Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart had to make through a science class. Even though they were super excited to a dissection in class, the mere sight of seeing the frog sprawled out on a tray made them nauseous. Kevin Hart even admitted that he could see the amphibian’s ass and felt like literally throwing up. Next came, their lunch break. Kevin Hart fitted in easily with his fellow classmates. But Jimmy Fallon was stuck with his awkward entrance. The host dragged his chair around loudly and told a joke that wasn’t very popular with his fellows.

Things got even worse for Jimmy Fallon when the time for gym class came. The duo showed up late and they had to climb ropes. Later, Fallon got a few pummels from Kevin during dodge-ball. Finally, it was time to hear who was the better student at the graduation ceremony. It was announced that even when Jimmy Fallon tried very hard, Kevin Hart certainly won. Kevin Hart was tearful when accepting his honor. But the video got more interesting in his conclusion. The actor surprised the school students by revealing that they would be able to watch his upcoming film Night School. And even before it officially releases in cinemas.

Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart together can brighten anybody’s day!

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