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Jane Fonda Owning Up To Her Mistakes Is Legendary

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The 80 year old Jane Fonda is opening up about a lot in her life. In her latest interview, the Oscar-winning actress and activist got real about many things that she did during the past years. In fact, Jane Fonda is proudly owning her to her mistakes and regrets. And it’s truly fascinating how she’s ready to do it. While getting candid new HBO documentary, Jane Fonda in Five Acts, the woman addresses everything. And that ranges from her cosmetic surgeries to her relationship. But Jane Fonda admits that she is not proud of many decisions that she took back then.

Jane Fonda Gets Real About Her Mistakes

The American icon Jane Fonda still looks absolutely great. But it’s not entirely genes and good luck. Rather, she herself admits that it is because she got a plastic surgery. And that’s what makes her look good for her age. Previously, she has had work done on her eyes and jawline. She said that she did it because she was tired of looking tired when she was not. However, in this documentary she admits that she does not feel happy about doing it. Jane Fonda added that she hates the fact that she has had work done on her physical self. And that too, just because she wanted to look okay. She also claimed that she wished it was not like that because she loved older faces. In fact, she wishes that she was braver. But then again she accepts herself for who she is.

Jane Fonda does not consider getting plastic surgery as her best choice. She said that she did it because she was taught that to be loved, she had to be thin and pretty. But she works hard to maintain her good figure. And even at her age, she works out although slower than she used to. While addressing how she looks good in pictures, Jane Fonda claimed that age is nothing but a number. And that it is less chronological and more attitudinal.

While owning up to her mistakes, Jane Fonda also addressed her previous relationships and marriages. She said that none of her marriages were democratic. And that’s because she had to be and look a certain way. Up until she hit her sixties, Jane Fonda was defined by all the men in her life. She had to please them, and be what they wanted her to be. But after she got divorced from all three of her marriages, she decided to to be what she really was supposed to be all along.

Jane Fonda has accepted her mistakes. And is finally living free of these burdens at the age of 80.

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