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Salt Bae Served a Controversial Venezuelan President?

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The Venezuelan president- Nicolas Maduro dined in at a restaurant from the celebrity chef Salt Bae in Istanbul. But the meal earned widespread condemnation from his own country which was justified. Probably because the Venezuelan president was enjoying his fancy dinners while millions in his own country are starving. The entire episode, especially the videos of the Venezuelan president eating the steak have become a huge controversy in South America. And criticism for Nicolas Maduro and opposition stunts keep flowing in.

Who Is Salt Bae?

Salt Bae is most popularly known as the Instagram-famous celebrity chef. Apparently, this owner of the global chain of high-end steak houses wears tight V-necks. He entertains his celebrity clients in his own unique and confident way. Which in fact is sensuously sprinkling salts on thick meat slabs. His specific manner of adding salt became a meme on social media in January last year. Ever since then, his Instagram following shot up adding another 15 million to the count. Salt Bae regularly uploads videos and pictures of himself on social media. Mostly, they target him when he is searing, cutting or salting different yet expensive cuts of beef steaks.

Although the food served at steak houses by Salt Bae isn’t particularly very good as argued by critics and is mostly overpriced, his fame is the reason behind his visitors. Especially, celebrities from across the world. Now that he served the Venezuelan president, Salt Bae has also been thrust into the ongoing controversy in Venezuela. Not only did he serve the controversial president, but also presented him with a souvenir t-shirt that has Salt Bae in his typical sprinkling manner printed on top. As the Venezuelan president had dinner at the restaurant, he even imitated Salt Bae’s style. Salt Bae has still not responded to all the backlash he is receiving for this dinner.

Why Is The Venezuelan President Controversial?

The Venezuelan president was dragged into a controversy as he was filmed enjoying piles of steaks from Salt Bae very recently. Red meat remains a luxury for most people in his country as they have to pay 14,600,000 bolivars for a small piece of chicken. The majority in Venezuela starves, and is suffering from malnutrition. The country is in an economic crisis with inflation which will touch 1,000,000% by the end of this year. But even then, the Venezuelan president and his wife enjoyed a high-end dinner from Salt Bae. In fact, Maduro even tells the diners that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. And without much shame and regret, the Venezuelan president confirmed his visit in a state broadcast.

The Venezuelan president undoubtedly received harsh criticism and backlash. Especially from his political opponents who hit in with his videos enjoying dinner with Salt Bae. The timing for this episode was just perfect- there is an huge crisis in the country which led to 2 million people relocating to neighborhood places just so they could at least get some food and medicine. According to researches, people in Venezuela have lost 11 kg of weight on average in last year. Social media went absolutely crazy with this whole affair. Mocked up images of Salt Bae sprinkling salt in his typical manner on a skeleton started becoming viral.

The Venezuelan president claimed that he had lunch on his two-hour stop in Turkey. Apparently, he was coming back to Beijing where he was supposed to get some funds to help resolve the food crisis in his country. But he returned with signing only a few deals, that too related to the energy sector.

The Venezuelan president is still being majorly hated on for this whole Salt Bae controversy.

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