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The Simpsons predicted Murder Hornets in 2020 too

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Okay, I never really believed in the Illuminati. I don’t now either. But if it does exist, I’m pretty sure The Simpsons is part of it. What else could explain the show’s very weird and rather creepy ability to predict the future? So, not only did The Simpsons predict the coronavirus, Tom Hanks getting it, but also the fact that there would be killer bees. that’s very similar to murder hornets. Seriously, how are the writers so good at knowing about the future? Are they psychics or what?

The killer bees predicted by The Simpsons

2020 has officially been the worst year of this decade. In March, we got the Coronavirus, then the US government admitted to there being UFOs. And now, we have murder hornets to deal with! Well, more precisely America. And the most American show, The Simpsons, predicted these murder hornets. Their version was the killer bees.

Check out this clip:

Well, shit.

And guess what? It’s from the same episode Simpsons episode, ‘Marge in Chains’, that predicted the coronavirus. In the show, it was the Osaka Flu, that originated in Japan. It spread pretty quickly just like the Coronavirus.

A group of angry mobsters is demanding a cure. Much like how people today are really getting anxious in getting out of their homes and protesting the lockdown.

Plus, the doctor saying there is no cure is also similar because as of now there is no confirmed cure or vaccine for the Coronavirus. But the public, especially the American public is getting too stressed out. They will do anything to get out of their homes and continue their normal lives.

One of the people in the Simpsons episode goes to find ‘placebo’ when the doctor is trying to explain that there is no treatment. A placebo effect is a phenomenon where a person’s illness is cured due to the belief in the treatment and not the treatment itself. But, not everyone knows that. As is evident by the general stupidity in the angry mob.

So, when the guy goes to find a ‘cure’, he ends up discovering something much worse: Killer Bees. You know, something very similar to murder hornets!

Finally, something uncontroversial that Alyssa Milano said!

Even The Simpsons writer admits to predicting the mess that is 2020

One of the writers of The Simpsons seems to give in to the idea of the show predicting this awful messy year:

Bill Oakley previously shared that he wasn’t too happy on the internet using The Simpsons episode to prove their conspiracy theories:

“I don’t like it being used for nefarious purposes. The idea that anyone misappropriates it to make coronavirus seem like an Asian plot is terrible. In terms of trying to place blame on Asia — I think that is gross.”

But even now, Bill Oakley admits that The Simpsons unintentionally predicted 2020.

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