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Is Mike Tyson Returning To The Boxing Ring? Ricky Hatton Hopes Not

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Boxing champion Mike Tyson is back in the news highlights for rumors that might come true. The rumor mill is churning out the news that Mike Tyson might be looking to make a come back inside boxing ring after his retirement back in 2005. The 53-year-old former undisputed heavyweight champion has been getting several financial offers ever since he uploaded a viral video of his super-fast training. While we would gladly see the old beast back inside the ring, there is one in particular who thinks this should not happen: Ricky Hatton.

Check out the training video below:

Why Hatton Doesn’t Want Mike Tyson In Boxing Ring?

Just a reminder, Ricky Hatton himself has experienced what is it like to come out of retirement. Although retired in 2009, Hatton came back just three years after to fight against Vyacheslav Senchenko. However, Senchenko fouled his attempt, putting him back to sleep for good.

Hatton now hopes that Mike Tyson stays away from the boxing ring as well; he doesn’t want the hall of the farmer to get injured! Speaking to the IFL TV, the former boxer explained that it would be a tragedy to get into some injury after getting rid of this after all those years.

“Now his body is right and his head’s right, why is he thinking about a comeback? I don’t get it. It would be a tragedy for him after going through all those bad times to getting right on the straight and narrow to giving himself some serious injury. It would be heartbreaking.”

Hatton explained that when he felt the need to come back, it was mostly because he wanted to prove to himself. However, Mike Tyson doesn’t need to do that by returning to the boxing ring because he is “doing motivational speaking, he’s talking well, he’s looking well”.

“I know we all make comebacks because we feel we’ve got something to prove. We want to come back, it’s obvious why I came back, I felt I had to redeem myself because of the s**t I got myself in. But Mike’s mentally got himself on track.”

So, who else shares a similar feeling for Mike Tyson?

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