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Ariana Grande introduces boyfriend Dalton Gomez in her new song

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The song that everyone has been waiting for, is finally out. Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande have been friends since they were kids. However, there was never a collaboration between the duo till now. Both of them started teasing their fans with their upcoming duet that revolves around coronavirus pandemic and people you are currently “stuck with”. There have been many celebrity cameos in the official music video as well, including Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner, and Demi Lovato. However, the one that shocked everyone was Ariana Grande’s boyfriend; Dalton Gomez. Yes, it’s official. (because it seems like it).

Ariana Grande is quarantining with Dalton Gomez

Since the day quarantine started all over the world because of COVID-19, Ariana Grande has only been posting pictures of herself and her dogs. So, it seemed like she is quarantining with her dogs only.


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And when she and Justin Bieber announced their upcoming collaboration, the fans got super-excited all over the world. The song was released a few hours ago. And “fans love it”, would truly be an understatement. They expected to see Hailey Bieber in the video since Justin is currently stuck with his beautiful wife. Many people of different professions, race, religion and queer communities were also featured in the video.

But, what the fans were not expecting was cameo appearances of the celebrities. The Jenner sisters dancing with each other emphasized the fact that both of them are currently single. It also seemed like a rumor-shut-down call by Kylie that she is dating Travis Scott again. (We still have our doubts though, they look cute together).

Moreover, Ariana Grande was seen with her dogs throughout the video. And it really felt a little unfair since Justin Bieber’s video clips included Hailey with him. So, when Ariana dropped the bomb of hugging a tall and handsome guy in the video, followed by a kiss to seal the deal, the fans melted at the spot. It’s official. Ariana Grande is dating Dalton Gomez.

Who is Dalton Gomez?

The “stuck with you” song and music video is a fundraiser to help COVID-19 relief efforts.

Ariana Grande cause

And the video shows Ariana Grande has her boyfriend Dalton Gomez’s support as well. Now, if you are wondering who he is, here is a quick guide of what we know so far.

Ariana Grande’s new boyfriend news hit the tabloids in March. TMZ reported about Dalton Gomez being the guy. He is a Real Estate Agent based in Los Angeles. And reportedly, Ari and Dalton have been dating from several months. However, she kept in private until now. Sources further state that Dalton has made his Instagram profile private after the video was released for Stuck With You. Interesting fact is, Noah Cyrus is also following him on Instagram.

Dalton Gomez Insta

And he is friends with Miley Cyrus as well.

As per his bio provided on Aaron Kirman Group website, Dalton Gomez has been in Luxury Real Estate Market for 5 years. He is a Southern Californian native and serves as sole buyers agent for Aaron Kirman Group.

Fans also have a recording of the time when Dalton called Ariana cute during one of her Instagram Livestreams.


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