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Joe Rogan Reacts to Adele’s Weight loss Controversy

Joe thinks people should applaud her because she looks amazing.

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While most of us are gaining weight, this Grammy Award winner is getting shredded to the core. Adele’s transformation has turned into controversy since she shared her picture on her 32nd birthday. JRE podcast’s Joe Rogan also jumped into the hype and reacted to Rolling in the Deep singer’s weight loss.

Joe Rogan on Adele’s Weightloss

The host of the biggest podcast Joe Rogan Experience thinks that the 15 time Grammy winner’s transformation is rather amazing and people should be happy for her. He added that losing weight requires a lot of discipline. Plus, it’s surprising why some fans aren’t endorsing Adele’s new look.

It’s funny that why wouldn’t you want to applaud someone who did something that is really difficult to do and is now healthier. I mean. if you’re an Adele fan, wouldn’t you want her to stay healthy and keep singing for longer?

The UFC commentator also criticized those who think it’s okay to be obese. According to Rogan, those who are criticizing Adele on her weight loss are unable to achieve the same results and are saying stuff like this out of frustration.

The only reason why anyone would fight against that [Adele’s transformation] is because they don’t want to look at themselves. It’s that simple. They don’t want to change and are trying to bully you into deciding that you’re beautiful even if you are 210 pounds. These people are trying to redefine beauty standards and that’s not right.

Joe Rogan talks about the importance of staying fit

He also pointed out why staying healthy and fit is important during a pandemic like Coronavirus. According to Joe, many people who were affected by Coronavirus were obese. He said this while defending Rolling in the Deep singer Adele and advocating why obesity is not a good thing:

One of the main reasons they found in New York City was that obesity was one of the major factors in people who caught COVID-19.

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