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King of Versatility: Chris Pratt

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Known for his roles in Parks and Recreation, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Jurassic World (among many others), Chris Pratt’s versatility and dedication to his craft have made him into a household name and resonated with Hollywood fanatics. His debonair persona and breakthrough with various genres often win him recognition in several magazines and media mediums. As a good Samaritan, Chris Pratt is also Hollywood’s blue-eyed boy who makes headlines with his morally virtuous deeds.

Chris Pratt as Owen Grady

The 39-year-old actor has reportedly pulled in a $10 million payday for his latest starring role in Universal Pictures’ “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom,”. This was Pratt’s second association with the Jurassic Universe, with the first one dating back to 2015. Pratt was unarguably the soul of the unevenly toned flick. He turned in such vindicated determination, heroic valor, intrinsic warmth, and heartfelt emotions that his scenes became worth binge-watching.

Chris Pratt as Peter Quill

As a movie actor, Pratt practically owns a few MTV award categories. He is and will be MTV’s distinguished lead actor male. And, ladies going all ga- ga over this hunky heartthrob is one of the certainties of life.  His journey as Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy was no short of an emotional roller coaster. He was suave, hunky and thankfully disco-loving.

He perfected as a lead in all editions of the Guardians of the Galaxy. One thing that Pratt always ensures is that his comic timing is never overshadowed by his intense gallantry theatrics. In James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy Pratt was  able to cement himself as the finest the industry can get. He would bring a great deal of action and presentation even in the most limited of spaces. Pratt’s juggled between a superhero and shades of villainy with his character Peter Quill/ Star-Lord. But everything he did felt very real, refined and regal

Who Could Forget Andy Dwyer?

Pratt made his entry into Parks and Recreations as a guest star, but in a very auspicious moment, he was brought onboard into the lead cast. Which obviously, was the best thing that happened to us. A far cry from his ardent zealous portrayals, Andy Dwyer was a dimwitted, guileless, idiotic, but lovable character.  But it carried one thing in common with Pratt’s other roles: Pratt nailed this act too.  Pratt deliberately ditched his hot physique to step into Andy’s shoes. He gained several pounds to play a character with misplaced confidence- someone who is fat but walks around like he isn’t.

Pratt gave everything he could to his role as Andyy, he gained weight, he stripped naked, he took several takes for the successful completion of a single shot. And, this how he was able to churn out a character that did not only generate laughter and chuckles but became a part of our domestic life.

Critical and Voice Roles

Chris Pratt makes sure he does not overdo what Oscars wanted to call ‘popular’ films. So, occasionally he takes tangents away to star in artistry flicks. He wins critical acclaim for his performances irrespective of the performance of his films, which basically wins him the title of a true virtuoso. His shady, mysterious, sardonic Justin in political thriller Zero Dark Thirty won him a nomination at the Critics Association Awards.

Pratt also possesses a perceptible, discernible voice. His voice wins him several voice roles in films and in video games. And his speech is so distinct and rarefied that it won him Teen Choice nominations for his voiceovers. Chris Pratt’s soulful voice has been long associated with The Lego franchise, and his contract will be renewed for the movies second part scheduled for release in 2019. In fact, Pratt has also voiced several roles at bestselling video games.

Chris Pratt is undoubtedly a true king of versatility.

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