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Alyssa Milano Attacked Again For Not Believing Tara Reade

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It seems like wherever Alyssa Milano goes, controversy follows. First, it was her support of Joe Biden, then it was her lack of support for Tara Reade and her claims of sexual assault. Moreover, her feud with Rose McGowan reignited as well. However, it seems like Tara Reade’s case is a massive thorn in her side, and people will never let her forget it.

Milano gets some stick, again

This time, it was a seemingly harmless tweet that triggered everyone. Basically, Alyssa Milano mentioned that she was interviewing Nan Wise, a sex therapist. Therefore, she asked her followers for any questions in the replies under her tweet.

Naturally, you’d expect people to reply with their genuine concerns related to their sexual activity. However, this was Alyssa Milano’s tweet, so it’d be unwise to think people won’t bring her shady record of supporting harassers. Here are some of them:


Some even managed to bring up Joe Biden’s creepy habit of sniffing young girls:

And then, we saw people bring up Alyssa Milano’s “old friend”, Harvey Weinstein:

Why do people attack her everywhere?

The answer to this is plain and simple – Alyssa Milano has always claimed to support the #MeToo movement. However, on two incidents, her support for the movement dwindled. The first one was Harvey Weinstein when she waited to comment on the matter. But, the real problem lies in her consistent support of Joe Biden for the President of the US.

Tara Reade has come forward with multiple witnesses for her claim, yet Biden’s influence seems strong on the matter. He does not want to reveal sealed campaign papers, where Reade alleges that her complaint against Joe Biden can be found. Despite this, Milano still persists on her support for Biden, and that irks many followers who end up calling her a hypocrite. This is especially controversial since Milano herself has loudly said in the past that victims should be heard.


Due to these controversies. people continue to call out Alyssa Milano and the fact that she doesn’t support Tara Reade, even when she was the evidence.

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