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100 Ways You’ll Love Jackson Wang!

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It’s been more than a month since Jackson Wang released his solo song ‘100 Ways‘. And whenever I hear it, I fall in love with him all over again. He is a man of many talents. From singing to dancing, acting to cooking, this superstud surely knows how to flatter women.

Guys, Jackson is not only a solo singer, but he is also a member of the very hot South Korean boy band, Got7.

Let’s Get To Know A Little Bit About Jackson Wang

So last year in an interview, Jackson mentioned that he is born and raised in Hong Kong China. His dad used to be a fencer in Olympic Games, mom a very elegant gymnast. And his brother is actually a Rugby player. Growing up in a sporty family must be fun. Anyways, he further mentioned that he started fencing at the age of ten, and he was also offered a scholarship at Standford University.

But sometimes you have to listen to your heart. And Jackson’s heart surely wanted him to be a musician. So he joined a K-pop Entertainment Company as a trainee. And in 2014, he debuted for the very first time in a K-pop band known as Got7. After almost 2 years he put a stop to all variety & tv shows. And worked harder to make his name known as a very talented solo music artist back in China.

Jackson made his own music label, ‘Team Wang’. He managed his company along with 2 employees and now he has a team of almost 30 employees. Isn’t that interesting? This wonderful soul has worked day and night to make his dream come true. And now he is recognized in the whole wide world for his singles.

Jackson Wang Came Up With The Song Name ‘Fendiman’ For Fendi

As we all know that Fendi is an Italian super expensive brand. And our very own hot singer ‘Jackson’ was approached by the brand to make a song which is going to attract youth towards it. So Jackson came up with the song title ‘Fendiman’ on his own.

Fendi must have chosen Jackson because he is a man of many talents and he is super handsome. All his fans, also known as ‘Jackys’ must have at least bought one item from the brand after hearing the song.

That’s not it guys. Jackson also appeared on Vogue and talked about his clothing style and favorite brand.

Jackson: I have a song called Fendiman and I am Fendiman.”

Oh, and he also mentioned in the video that he doesn’t like to wear jeans. *high Five*

The Song Which Made Me Fall For Jackson-The Hunk

As we all know Jackson is known around the world for his songs with the band ‘Got7’ and for his solos. But what really caught my eye and millions of other people is his song ‘ 100 Ways’.

You know the feeling when you start listening to a song and it becomes your favorite. Then after a few days, you start to regret listening to it. And throw your favorite song in the hate-list in less than a month. But ‘100 Ways’ is not that song. Every time I listen to the beats, I want to dance like there is no tomorrow. I can literally give you 100 reasons and ways to love this uber-hot man.

Jackson is a full package who comes up with melodious voice, different, catchy and tricky dancing moves, amazing dressing sense, and too much SWAG.

“Don’t waste your love just let it last

Cause once it’s gone it’s never coming back

There is a hundred ways to leave

But I am the only one that you need”

Who needs a little piece of ‘Jackson Wang’? We all do because he is surely every girl’s dream. And we all can’t get enough of him. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed and wait for him to release another single real soon.

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