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THIS Riverdale Star takes part in Sting Operations to Catch Child Predators!

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Celebrities and influencers can help make a positive change in the world. And proving this claim right is none other than Riverdale star Marisol Nichols, who is putting her acting chops to good use. For those of you unaware, the 46-years old star has been hunting down child predators by partnering with law-enforcement personnel since 2014.

Marisol Nichols’ Dark Past is her Motivation to Stop Child Abuse!


A recent Marie Claire article gave us insight into the actresses’ disturbing past. She revealed that at the age of 11, she was molested by a group of older boys. The Riverdale star added that it was her worst nightmare, one that ended up changing her life in a matter of a day. The incident took place when the 11-year old star was found drunk at a party.

In the years that followed, she developed a drug addiction. Nichols touts the Church of Scientology as the party that helped her get clean. She joined the said organization back in 1996.

Riverdale’s Hermione Lodge Pursues a “Slavery Free World” in Real Life

Back in 2012, Nichols started studying human trafficking. Her outings in projects like “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” and “Law & Order: SVU” prompted her to walk on this path. She said,

It sparked my interest in the trafficking world, realizing and really being on the other side of the underbelly of society.

Fast forward to 2014, she founded “Foundation for a Slavery Free World”, a nonprofit organization.

The organization strives to hunt down human traffickers and child predators. Nichols herself takes part in several of the organization’s missions by playing decoy. Although she finds the situations distressing, the Vegan Vacation star claims that she manages to find it in herself to play a role (even a minor one) in stopping child abuse.

Recalling an operation that helped her catch a child predator (38), Marisol Nichols said that it’s shocking that these offenders look like normal people.

Nichols’ battle against child predators surely provides us with the hope that good people do exist. We hope that her organization continues to excel in its mission.

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