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Monkey On Bike Snatching Toddler Video Inspires Great Memes!

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What can only be termed as a bizarre turn of events, a monkey tried to snatch a toddler off a bench in Indonesia, making the video go viral on social media. A bystander was recording a video of a monkey who was riding some sort of remote-controlled bike in a narrow street. When the animal got near to a group of kids sitting on a bench to watch the show, this fellow pounced up from its bike to pull a child off from the bench. The toddler crashed to the ground along with the monkey but the animal started dragging the child away. An adult had to step in to threaten the animal to run away without the baby. As horrific as it may sound, social media has actually thrown the who incident into humor!


The Monkey On Bike Video

Seeing is believing, and before anything else, take a look at the monkey on bike video that is trending on social platforms:

Walsh is quite right! Unfortunately, we all are clueless about what is even going on over here. At first, it does look quite impossible for a monkey to actually drive a bike. Perhaps it is a street stunt gone wrong?


From the monkey’s perspective, yes there is a chance that it may be feeling the exact same way as above. However, how many of you would agree to this Twitter user below. Would this be a tough call for the monkey on the bike?

Just take a look at this monkey on the bike. We don’t yet know if this is the same monkey, but if the Internet says it is then we are just going to play along with it. This time, the monkey crashes its bike at an innocent child who is merely watching the show.

Here it is, the ultimate showdown of the monkey on the bike and the toddler it tried to snatch. This time, the toddler is back with their ride!


Are we in for an epic toddler vs monkey showdown?

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