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Some Golden Emmys 2018 Moments

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Emmys 2018-weird, weirder, and weirdest. The nominations were a full surprise; the awards too were a surprise. But, it felt like when the Emmys opened up their surprise box, a glitch occurred; causing the show to repeatedly take the same names. The Emmys, though reluctantly, tried hard to be ‘diverse’, ‘inclusive’, and ‘not bigoted’. It’s another debate how they failed to be any of those things, but for now lest just try to focus on the good. There were moments of joys at these terribly slow, white Emmys. Mentioning them will hopefully not do any harm.

Glenn Weiss’ Heartwarming Proposal

Well, winning an Emmy probably sounds too mainstream when you have done it 14 times already. So probably when Glen Weiss ascended the stage, there was no real sense of enthusiasm. He won the award for Outstanding Directing for a Variety Special for his work on that year’s Academy Awards. So it was basically the monotone fans was waiting for to go away, so the real game can begin. But, apparently, we undermined the creative juices of a person with 14 Emmys. He made the stage his own when in his acceptance speech, he proposed passionately to his long time girlfriend Jan Svendsen.

“You wonder why I don’t like to call you my girlfriend?” he asked his then-girlfriend-now-fiancee Jan Svenson. “It’s because I want to call you my wife.” It thawed the cold, dead hearts of the audience who had grown bored with Josh/Che news commentary, and of most of Twitter, a real feat!

After 10 glorious years, RuPaul’s Drag Race won an Emmy

Besides its dedication to onscreen drama and the gross artisan-ship of the show, Drag Race has been responsible for introducing an enormous myriad of people to the brilliant and spectacular art of drag. The show has made unalloyed stars out of queens like Sharon Needles and Trixie Mattel. And, RuPaul became a household name. Giving Drag Race his merited prize, as well as Rupaul’s 2018 win for Host For A Reality-Competition program, has been long awaited.

King won an award she deserved but did not expect

The lead actress in a limited series winner, for the Netflix crime drama Seven Seconds, was taken by surprise when she received her award. She even mentioned she was looking for her lipstick under her seat at the time of the nominations because she did not really expect to emerge as a winner amidst such stiff competition.

She was so apprehensive on stage that she almost collapsed, and her auspicious moment caused her to serve authentic gratitude to the Academy. The Academy is more widely scorned these days, but King had only warmth to give to the academy. She made her presence on stage feel so down to earth and adorable that she left all of us in awe. King’s victory is an honest narrative of the eventual triumph of good. Not to mention that for all the Emmys’ pithy jokes about “solving” diversity and doling out reparations Emmys, King was one of the only people of color to win this year.

And of course, The Marvelous Sweep

Okay, here we need to put the debate of deserving or not deserving aside. But, this was truly a gala. Turn by turn Emmy would ensure that no single member of the Marvelous cast and crew went home nothonored. Twice, they had the show-runner Amy Sherman on stage to collect awards for comedy writing and directing. Rachael Brosnahan and Alex Borstein also conquered in their respective categories, and the Marvelous brand assumed the throne of the comedy series of the year. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel kicked things off with energizing wins for women in television and comedy. Things were truly awkwardly white, but in the case of Mrs. Maisel, they were this way only for the better.

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