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Is Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee Ending?

And it doesn't have anything to do with the oil crisis.

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Jerry Seinfeld is the richest comedian in the world. And he has kept up with the modern age as well. Fans love his show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. But, it looks its expiration date is finally upon us.

Comedians in Cars getting no more coffee?

The sad news came when Jerry Seinfeld recently gave an interview to the website Deadline. By the looks of it, he’s parking his car once and for all and we won’t be seeing any comedians going for a drive with him. He told the website about how much work it takes to make an episode:

We haven’t planned anything with that show. I feel like I did that tour… I know they look very casual and easy but they’re actually a lot of work to make, the editing is very intense and I don’t know, I feel like I may have done that exploration at this point.

After 11 seasons and 84 episodes, it looks like Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is losing its driver. It included great guests like the cast of Seinfeld; like Jason Alexander, Michael Richards, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Larry David. It even had the Comedian-in-Chief, former President Barack Obama as well. But, it looks like Jerry Seinfeld is headed towards greener pastures after Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. However, it doesn’t mean he’s abandoning stand-up comedy. He’s ready to keep the dice rolling after the pandemic:

It’s really about obsessing mostly on the art and the moment of creating something that is great but doesn’t necessarily tied to a deal or production, a network and all of those other things that you think about with showbusiness. Now I feel like I just want to be out on a stage, I don’t really care where, I don’t care what size of venue, it’s just about enjoying that moment and it doesn’t have to be big or a conventional showbusiness venture.

Moreover, it also doesn’t mean he’s severing his ties with Netflix!

Jerry Seinfeld is making another Netflix Special

Even though it seems like Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is getting the ax, Seinfeld is still not done with Netflix. His Hour-long stand-up special 23 Hours To Kill released on 5th May, and it is very special – especially because it’s his first stand-up special since 1998. He did do a sort-of stand-up special named Jerry Before Seinfeld, but it was more of a retrospective show of his life and influences.

It’s sad that a show we all loved is coming to its end. But as long as Seinfeld keeps on giving us content to watch, we can deal with it.

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