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What Does Regina King’s Victory Dawn On Us?

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Regina King has kept her Emmy streak alive. We all were dubious over if The Academy would hand over an Emmy to Regina again; in fact, we were quite certain it would not. Regina has perfected history by winning her third consecutive Emmy. This year, for her Outstanding performance as a lead in Netflix’s limited crime drama “Seven Seconds”.

King met this announcement with sheer disbelief. Taking a moment to collect her thoughts, she revealed: “I didn’t have anything to say ’cause I wasn’t really expecting this, but I am so grateful.”

King extended her appreciation to the Television Academy, her pals, peers and to “Seven Seconds” creator Veena Sud, telling her: “Thank you for creating an opportunity to tell a story and hold a mirror up to what’s going on.”

“This is amazing. I want to curse right now,” King added. “This is good.”

King mentioned that she had dropped her lipstick from her seat, and was busy collecting it even at the time of the nominations because she did not really see herself taking the award home.

Regina King, who essayed Latrice Butler in the crime drama created nothing short of magic. The Ohio born actress had stepped out of her comfort zone by stepping into the shoes of an emotionally overwhelmed mother of an accident victim. She turned in the intense sentiments that were required to honor the parents that actually go through such tragedies. Her impactful persona reflected the determination of those parents who have actually gone through like traumas. She made sure that her presence was morally uplifting, realistic and noteworthy.

Regina stood out against a plot that was generally considered predictable. She made sure that her commanding presentation was not undermined by the several unlikable arcs in the show.  Her able character sketched out societal and racial divisions to life, her delineation was fearless, awe-inspiring and groundbreaking.

Regina’s victory is a milestone in the history of American Television. It reinforces the fact that talent knows no boundaries. Regina was credited in a race where several participants who had wheeled in formidable powerhouse performances where competing. Her show had fared less lucratively as compared to several other shows that housed the participants in her list. Yet, the audience and the Academy recognized the zeal and dexterity that glistered in Regina’s rendition and gave her, her merited accolade.

Regina previously has two Emmys for her Outstanding supporting performance in American Crime. One thing that has remained constant throughout all her performances is a gusty, raw attitude. Regina King in her performances infuses a complicated, topical story with genuine emotion, and patiently allows the narrative arc to develop without sacrificing momentum.  Regina practices diversity in her roles, but makes sure that all her performances stand for one point: To culminate racial discrimination in America. She understands the plight of minorities and through her fable theatrics, she campaigns for this injustice to stop. She is repeatedly on the screen to remind humans about humanity. And, her presence does have a profound effect as viewers see racism as a real thing and become more aware of their social behavior.

King also had a stomping fashion moment at the Emmys as she flashed her lime green Christian Siriano gown. She was the best version of herself in the evening, stating that actors are capable of achieving the best of both worlds. When on one hand her performance centered on emotions and tragedy, her stage appearance dazzled and glossed, setting new fashion trends. This is after what a true actor is, a brilliant performer, and a fashionable celebrity.

Regina, after her victory, touched upon the stories of real heroes: parents who live life to the fullest even after losing their children. She highlighted the example of her guide, Marian who survived a like tragedy but convalesced and got herself involved back into life by helping others who have been through the same situations. No doubt, losing a child is one’s worst nightmare, an unimaginable trauma. There is a dearth of support available for such victims; hence Regina publicized the importance and awareness of such aid.

Regina’s triumph is an example of thinking more globally, and not thinking in a box. And, it will hopefully inspire others in times to come.

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