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7 Ways To Grow Your Instagram Following

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Instagram is definitely a loved social media platform with about 600 million users. We’ve all seen those new Instagram accounts go from 20 followers to 20,000 followers in just a few weeks. If you are a business, blogger, influencer or just want to be an Instagram celebrity, you are at the right place! We have a few ways that will help increase your Instagram following.

1 Decide on your content

Decide on your content

Before you go crazy and start posting every cute or “aesthetic” picture on your account to increase your Instagram following, figure out which people you want to follow you. Then see which pictures will suit that specific audience. Don’t go on posting cat pictures if your audience is computer geeks who get more excited by robots than seeing cute cats chase lasers. Remember to stay consistent with what you choose.

This will help you create and maintain a strong fan following of your account. That will also help in them sharing your profile with their friends and this is how your following will organically grow. Add new twists and turns on your pictures but keep the core content the same.

2 Keep your account well maintained

Keep your account well maintained

So your Instagram has to be on point all the time. Don’t post random boring pictures all of a sudden; use only the best ones you took. Make sure to edit them right too. Think of the perfect captions; use many emojis to connect humanely with people online. Plan everything on time.

Don’t go on long hiatuses because then you might lose your following. You want to maintain that following while adding to it. Respond to some comments to show the appreciation to your fans.

3 Post regularly

Post regularly

Make sure you’re consistent and frequent in posting stuff. It is also best if you figure out the perfect time to post a picture, i.e., when most of your followers view it. Post regular stories too!

If you’re a business, you could post stories of how everything goes around in the workplace. If you’re an artist you could post stories and pictures of your favorite art shops and show your fans how you choose the materials you use. That can be applied to any other job or hobby you have and want a fan following on.

4 Comment like a pro

Comment like a pro

Make thoughtful comments on the posts of other pages/brands/figures that you follow. If your comments are appealing, it will make people respond to you and even follow you. This will help build relationships with people online.

You could mutually promote each other’s pages and build a network. This will help grow not only your Instagram page but also the business you have. Building an online support network will prove very beneficial to you and exponentially increase the followers you have on your Instagram account!

5 Hashtag away

Hashtag away

Making use of hashtags in your captions enables Instagram to make your post available to a larger targeted audience regardless of whether they follow you or not. Here’s a neat trick you could use! Just add a caption you want on the picture and put enough space that the caption has to show “Read More” and on that you could add as many hashtags as you could.

This is the most organic way you could increase your fan following without having to promote your page. It’s easy, it’s free and it’s really fun too!

6 Link everything

Link everything

This action will enable your followers on other platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter to find you on Instagram and follow you here as well! Give your details to these other platforms in your profile information.

Doing this will allow you to bring your followers from other accounts to follow you here as well. And it will also bring your Instagram followers to your other social media accounts. Yes, it’s confusing but after you keep doing it, it is definitely worth it.

7 Build a connection with followers

Build a connection with followers

Do your investigation and find out what kind of stuff people are looking for and make sure you give it to them if you really want to increase Instagram following. People will follow you only if they derive some value out of your posts.

Post stories asking questions and using polls to figure out what it is your audience really wants from you and then provide it to them adding your own special touch to it. Your fans will appreciate it and keep following you in the longer run this way.

So there you have it! This is some of the things you could do increase your following on Instagram!

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