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Alyssa Milano Appreciation For George W. Bush Backfires

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We’ve seen this recent trend a lot. George W Bush’s two terms as President are considered one of the worst in American history. However, ever since Donald Trump came into office, some people suddenly miss the Bush era. And Alyssa Milano is one of those people too. Recently, she showed appreciation for the former President’s video message. However, she immediately got backlash over it. So, let’s take a look!

Milano ugly cries for George W Bush

Alyssa Milano is often involved in one controversy over another. This time, however, she thought fit to cry over one of George W. Bush’s tribute videos. The video addressed the first responders who are protecting the American public in these difficult times. Moreover, there was also a kind message for the community. Milano then shared the tweet and said:

This video made me ugly cry.

As expected, trouble follows Alyssa Milano whenever she tweets anything controversial. And this tweet was no different. After reading this, Twitter had a field day against her.

Twitter was relentless, as usual

Now, I’m sure the message that George W Bush was trying to give was very nice and heartfelt. However, many Americans still realize that he is responsible for some horrible war crimes. The biggest one includes the War in Iraq, which resulted in 2.4 million Iraqi citizens dying. And many people were quick to remind Alyssa Milano of that fact:


And this is particularly odd coming from Alyssa Milano, especially considering that she is a Democrat. And a lot of the critics have a point. I am sure he looks a lot better than Donald Trump does, but George W Bush is responsible for some serious war crimes. And if the person you’re crying for is responsible for more than 2 million deaths, then there’s something massively wrong in that.

George Bush’s message must have brought tears to the eyes of many sad Americans. But, it’s important to remember that he brought tears to millions of innocent’s eyes as well. Therefore, one can at least be a bit critical of what to say about such controversial leaders. That makes the backlash Milano got over her tweet somewhat justified.

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