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TikTok’s Amy Shark Is Under Fire For Using Audio From Racist Stand-Up

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Although Amy Shark has apologized, people don’t feel like letting go of her that easily. Singer-songwriter Amy Shark has come under fire for uploading a video where she is using a racist stand-up as her background audio. She uploaded the video late last month and used a track taken from comedian Anjelah Johnson. There she impersonates a guy of supposedly Asian descent working in a nail salon. Comedian Nina Oyama found her clip and called it “stupid bulls**t” after which Shark caught fire.

What Did Oyama Say About Amy Shark’s TikTok Vid?

Comedian Oyama did not hold anything back when she came across Shark’s TikTok video. She even posted a series of messages, calling out racist behavior on the internet. Oyama asked her viewers to “check up on white friends” during lockdown as they start posting stupid bulls**t. She talked about how ‘white people’ making fun of the Asian accent was a poor call. Take a look:

Oyama deleted the comment on Amy Shark’s TikTok video after Shark approached to apologize to her.

“Why did I delete the tweet? Because Amy got in touch and asked me to delete it. In the process she was really sweet, and assured me that she understood where I was coming from. I got the feeling that she’d learned something – and that was enough for me.”

For Shark, she also deleted her video. Unfortunately, the Internet keeps everything in its dark belly and there is always someone who has anything one is looking for. Take a look at Amy Shark’s TikTok video that got such an outrage:

Shark later went on to apologize for her TikTok video, admitting that it was silly and inappropriate. She expressed that her intentions were not to make anyone upset, and finally told that she took down the video as well.

Her apology comes after she gathered some criticism from people on social media. Would she have still taken down the video even if there was no reaction?

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